What effect does the war have on the Polish seller of agricultural machinery JOSKIN near the border with Ukraine?

What effect does the war have on the Polish seller of agricultural machinery JOSKIN near the border with Ukraine?
What effect does the war have on the Polish seller of agricultural machinery JOSKIN near the border with Ukraine?

What is the main activity of your company and how long has it been on the market?

We are official dealers of brand tractors CASE IH and Steyr for the east and south-east of Poland, specifically for the voivodships – or provinces – Lesser Poland, Subcarpathia, Lublin and Holy Cross. We have been in the field of selling agricultural machinery since 1992. We only work with brands that offer customers high product quality and thus value that allows them to grow.

What is the shortest distance between your branch and the Ukrainian border?

Since we operate in the Lublin and Subcarpathian Voivodeships, the border is located 80 to 100 km from our branches.

Is the war in Ukraine affecting your company?

Like everyone in Poland, we are feeling the effects of the war. The financial impact associated with energy costs, increasing product prices, but above all there is a general awareness that we can help our neighbors, to show them that they are not alone, that there is hope for a better tomorrow.

This situation has a big impact on the attitude of farmers when it comes to investment. Should they shop or should they save and prepare for the worst? Given such aggressive actions, it is naive not to see the risks that threaten the whole of Europe. We can’t tell each other “it’s not my business, it’s not my problem”.

Have you noticed any hesitation from your customers to buy a JOSKIN machine because of the war in Ukraine?

Yes, machine customers JOSKIN they analyze not only the price, but also the policy of the manufacturers. They support freedom, not only with words, but also with the actions of politicians and European organizations.

Looking at the disaster unfolding next to you, did you do anything to help them?

In addition to purely symbolic support actions, such as raising the Ukrainian flag so that people from this country do not feel alone, we try to support people coming to the country. Government action is the best example of this. In times of war, action must be taken.

Were Ukrainians provided with housing in your city?

In the city of each of our employees, and there are 80 of us, housing was provided to Ukrainian families. We believe that at the end of this period these families will return to their homeland and rebuild it.

Have you hired Ukrainian workers? If so, which workers are they?

No, we haven’t hired anyone because our business requires specific knowledge as well as a good knowledge of the language and customers. Because of these criteria, we cannot hire everyone. This also applies to Polish workers. It would be different without this difficulty. In addition, we know that a large number of our customers employ people from Ukraine.

Did this war period lead to organizational changes in your company?

No, and hopefully it won’t happen.

Have your local authorities started implementing security measures?

Each region has begun securing its borders, which means more troops and anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapons at the borders. Young men and women were also called up to undergo military training.

We hear Ukrainian in the media, there are Ukrainian citizens in the offices and information is given in both languages. On the streets we see a lot of cars with Ukrainian license plates. Churches make available their infrastructure so that people can pray according to their ritual, etc. We are not only talking about big cities, but also villages.

Considering inflation, component prices, fluctuations in oil prices, rising transport prices, how do you see the outlook for the next few years?

The current war situation is a bigger threat than the price rise which can come and go depending on the needs of the market. It is better to have higher prices and higher wages than to have a war that destroys everything. Poland, which has not been annexed to Russia for the past 30 years, has shown what can be built with work and will. The attitude of Ukraine, which at the same time tried to live with Russia, but got nothing but a dictatorship, is not surprising. Freedom is the highest value for every person.

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