Biden asks Congress to approve $11.7 billion for Ukraine

Biden asks Congress to approve $11.7 billion for Ukraine
Biden asks Congress to approve $11.7 billion for Ukraine

Washington – US President Joe Biden will ask Congress to approve 11.7 billion dollars (288 billion crowns) in financing aid to Ukraine. In total, the government wants more than 47 billion dollars (1.16 trillion crowns) from Congress to cover crisis and urgent expenses, the AP agency wrote today. During this year, the US allocated approximately 40 billion dollars to support Ukraine, and the US authorities have already used three quarters of this money.

The money that the Biden administration wants to allocate to support Ukraine is intended to cover expenses for arms deliveries, intelligence activities and direct budget aid to the Ukrainian government. In addition, the US government wants to allocate another two billion dollars for measures to mitigate the negative effects of the war in Ukraine on the US energy industry. This is, for example, the supply of fuel to American nuclear power plants.

The US government wants to use another 33.4 billion dollars to cover other urgent expenses in connection with floods or the spread of monkey pox. The administration wants to spend roughly seven billion dollars in connection with the covid-19 pandemic, for example on the purchase of additional vaccines or protective equipment.

During this year, the United States approved aid to Ukraine in the amount of about 40 billion dollars, the AP agency reported. According to government officials, roughly three-quarters of this money has already been spent or allocated to finance specific measures.

Congressmen will consider the White House’s request after returning from summer vacation. The United States does not have an approved budget for fiscal year 2023, which begins on October 1. Congress will also have to act on continued funding for federal agencies and offices after Sept. 30 before passing a full budget.

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