Tesla may have to change the name of one of its most famous features

Surprisingly, this is not an Autopilot function, but it is still related to the autonomous driving function.

Tesla has long faced criticism over the naming of its safety systems that are supposed to help drivers drive. We are talking about both the Autopilot system and the Tesla Full Self-Driving system. Many consider the label to be a common name for one function, but the truth is more complicated. One system is basically just a safety assistant, which many car manufacturers offer today. The second then tries to offer (for now at least partially) autonomous driving.

However, the truth is that both names can be slightly confusing and raise unrealistic expectations. After all, both systems have already brought a few threats of lawsuits to Tesla, while in some corners of the world it has gone from words to actions.

One of the latest cases is California, where there is now talk of limiting the use of the label “self-driving” in promotional materials. The Senate of the US state of California has already approved the bill and now it is awaiting the governor’s final signature.

The bill’s sponsor is Senate Transportation Chair Lena Gonzalez, who believes people may be confused by the name and expect the car to be able to drive itself. In addition, Gonzalez should have been upset by the slow response of the transport authority to Tesla’s advertising claims. Even the Californian Transport Authority promised in the past that it would shine a light on the sign. But so far he hasn’t achieved anything.

“People in California think Full Self-Driving is fully automated, when it’s not. Are we just going to wait for another person to kill themselves in California?” colleagues at the LA Times quoted Gonzalez as saying.

At the same time, Tesla recently solved the problem called Full Self-Driving in Germany, where they also considered the name confusing. In Germany, however, the case ended up on ice. As the automaker noted, it clearly states on its website that the cars are not fully autonomous and the driver is still fully responsible for driving.

That alone should have been enough for Tesla not to lose the name of popular technology in Germany. The court decided that Tesla clearly states on its website that the Autopilot and Full Self-Driving systems are only assistance, and therefore that the driver must still pay full attention to the car and driving. So it will be interesting to see how the current process in California turns out.

It should be added that Tesla once started in California and it is still its largest market in the USA. Moreover, given the current popularity and familiarity of the Full Self-Driving system, it seems highly unlikely that the automaker would give up the designation without a fight.

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