The hacker wanted to extort money from the woman. He pretended to be a friend on messenger

Hacker attacks on money in accounts are becoming a contemporary phenomenon. In August, police dealt with an unusual case in which a hacker tried to get money from a woman by “injecting” herself into her friend’s Messenger account and pretending to be her asking for money.

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The victim was contacted via the messenger application by a long-time friend who asked her to send her phone number because of a contest in which several people are involved. After sending the number, she received a text message on her mobile phone with the wording: “Hello, don’t let anyone misuse your password, don’t share it with anyone, to complete the payment from your credit/invoice/ on your phone. numbers xxx xxx xxx for the amount of CZK 1,120 at the APS payment gateway, the password is xx xx same. Your T-mobile.”

After receiving this sms, her friend wrote her again to send her the password. This the woman did, and immediately a wave of transactions started, when she was only asked to approve payments and send a verification password. This is how she received several SMS messages in the amounts of 1,120, 700 and finally in the amount of 200,000 crowns.

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Messages that went to the phone of a woman who was the victim of an attempted fraud.Source: Police of the Czech Republic

In the meantime, she received another sms, which code to use and not to share her password with anyone because of its misuse. During this communication, the unknown hacker was able to create a new user account, which he managed to set up thanks to sensitive credit card data, which he also requested under a false identity. The woman then approved all the payments.

Subsequently, another payment came to the woman for confirmation, but she did not confirm it and immediately wrote to her friend via messenger to check everything and ask for the money back. However, the “friend” was no longer in contact.

She found out that it was not a friend, but someone who pretended to be her on the profile, after she called her. The defrauded woman immediately contacted the relevant financial institution, which managed to block the final amount of two hundred thousand.

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The attempted murder took place in Brandýs at the bus stop a few minutes before midnight

In connection with the case, the Nymburk criminal investigators have initiated criminal proceedings on suspicion of fraud, as well as unauthorized measures, forgery and alteration of means of payment against an as yet unknown perpetrator. If the police manage to reveal the identity of the person who misused the messenger contact for communication and subsequent fraud, they face the risk of being charged with the above-mentioned crimes and, when tried in court, up to five years in prison.

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