“Adolf” Biden. A threatening speech and an arrangement that scared many

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In his speech in Philadelphia, US President Joe Biden called on Americans to protect democracy and called his presidential predecessor Donald Trump and his supporters “extremists”. “Equality and democracy are under attack,” Biden declared amid heavy gesticulations and red lighting, and with clenched fists, called on Americans to stand up for democratic values. After the speech, a cold shower awaited him. Comparisons are made with the speeches of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

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In his speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Biden strongly attacked former President Donald Trump and his supporters. He claimed that Trump’s supporters wanted to “take the country back to the past” and called on Americans to defend democracy.

According to Biden, American democracy “is not guaranteed” and must be defended, as Trump and his voters want an America “without the right to privacy, without the right to contraception, without the right to marry the one you love.” According to him, this is a “permanent threat to America and the future of the country”.

In addition to these strong statements, Biden to Trump and his supporters inside the Republican Party according to Newsweek he also supported the claim that they “represent extremism”.

According to him, it is not all members of the Republican Party, but there can be no doubt that “the Republican Party today is controlled, directed and intimidated by Donald Trump and MAGA (Trump supporters, editor’s note) Republicans”.

Biden delivered his speech in a rather strangely red-lit environment and with strong gesticulations, which caused a rather strong backlash, and the president of the United States was thus returned to collages comparing him with the leader of Nazi Germany. “Joe Biden, our Hitler,” Republican congressional candidate Shukri Abdirahman commented on one of the collages.

Congresswoman for Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene, immediately modified the whole scene and the American president into a form that – with the American flags in mind – is quite reminiscent of the 1930s in Germany.

American commentator Ben Schapiro then assessed Biden’s speech from a visual point of view as the worst he had ever seen from US presidents. He criticized, for example, the red lighting of the building where the American founding documents were created, and the fact that the audience only saw “the front-lit face of a gloomy old man shouting at the Americans with clenched fists.”

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