Gorbaov drove the Russian and the Ukrainian into a frenzy. The wolf chained him to silence

Gorbaov drove the Russian and the Ukrainian into a frenzy. The wolf chained him to silence
Gorbaov drove the Russian and the Ukrainian into a frenzy. The wolf chained him to silence

In our conversations it was quite clear that he was bewildered and confused as to what was going on, for many reasons. He not only wanted Russians and Ukrainians to be close, but wanted these two peoples to intertwine, said Palaenko, according to whom he also let people know how much Gorbaov was traumatized by Ukraine in the last days.

The 70-year-old interpreter worked alongside some Soviet scientist at many American-Soviet summits, for example, in the 1980s, she interpreted during Gorbaov’s talks with former American president Ronald Reagan.

According to Reuters, he saw the first and last Soviet president in recent months and was in contact with his daughter Irina.

Gorbaov tried to strike fifteen republics of the Soviet Union, including Ukraine, together during his actions in hell. However, since the reforms they started encouraged many of them to demand independence, they failed.

Soviet troops in some cases at the end of the existence of the USSR used violence against protesting civilians. Politicians in Lithuania and Latvia remembered these events after Gorbaov’s death with horror and stated that he was guilty of bloodshed.

According to Palaenko, Gorbaov was in one problem only by political means, and some of these bloody events he either did not know ahead of time, or very reluctantly agreed to use words to prevent chaos.

Gorbaev’s attitude towards Ukraine was complex and contradictory, Palaenko said, with the fact that the late politician always believed in the idea of ​​the Soviet Union. At the same time, he indicated that, in his opinion, Gorbaev would not lead the wolf for the restoration of a country that does not exist today.

While the ex-president believed that it was his duty to show respect and support to the current Russian leader Vladimir Putin, he spoke publicly when he disagreed with him, the interpreter said, and as an example he changed the repression of the current regime to moderate.

However, according to Palaenko, Gorbaov decided not to make a preliminary comment on Ukraine after the approval of the Norwegian declaration, which called for an early end to the violence and humanitarian problems.

Palaenko admitted that some Russians and the people in the former USSR perceive Gorbaev strongly negatively because of the economic and geopolitical trends that followed after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. At the same time, he said in the interview that the ex-president’s legacy is huge. Not only did he help end the Cold War and reduce the risk of nuclear conflict, but he voluntarily removed totalitarianism in the USSR and gave Russia a chance for freedom and democracy.

I think he has become an optimist regarding the future of Russia, declared Palaenko. He said that people in Russia are very talented and as soon as they get a chance, maybe a second chance, the talent will show, he added. According to him, Gorbaev believed that history would judge him correctly. Rd kval, e history is fickle dma. I think that he believed and hoped that the final verdict would be positive for him, she said.

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