Get ready for Christmas and plant a Korean fir tree

One of the great advantages of the Korean fir is its slow growth, after many years it will grow to a height of several meters. And the beautifully colored cones can be the envy of other conifers.

He’s not a sprinter, he’s a marathoner

It is clear that, according to the name, the Korean fir cannot be our original species like the white fir, but unlike it, it can bear a greater load. And thanks to its smaller adult height (about 3 to 5 meters), it is also perfectly suited for small gardens or front gardens. Just take into account the necessary width space in advance, it can take up to 3 meters in adulthood. But there is really time for that, this fir really grows slowly.

Conifer – mannequin

Korean fir is also popular due to its appearance. As it gets bigger, you will see it regularly develop into a cone shape. Much earlier, however, you will see its thick needles. They are shorter, shiny, distinctly green above, gray-white below.

The pine cones on the branches can evoke the candles on the Christmas tree, and in terms of color they represent a real rarity. The male pineal cones are not extra large, the dimensions are calculated more in millimeters. They have a spherical ovoid shape, from the colors you can’t miss red-yellow or green with purple and brown. Female cones are larger and longer, they can be about 7 cm in height. At first they are decorated with blue-grey color, then dark purple with white spots.

Pine cones surprise with their colors, as if from a magazine. Credit: Shutterstock

Basic requirements

Young hemlocks will do well in a place with shade, after all, after planting, you still need to protect them from the sun’s rays, and in the first years, protection pays off even in the winter. In adulthood, give the trees full sun, although they can also tolerate partial shade. They prefer slightly more acidic, well-nourished soil that is reasonably moist. In their homeland, they are classified as alpine trees, which is why they can cope with poorer soils as well. They are frost-resistant and tolerate polluted air relatively well, unlike other firs. In adulthood, they can also cope well with high winds.

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Where it fits

Treat Korean fir like you would saffron, a little at a time. Due to its charm, it is best suited as a solitaire, which will delight you in every season. It will also suit it in the company of lower plants such as heathers and heathers or perennials. You can also try less tall rhododendrons or bushy maples, after all, they also accompany it in its homeland. It also looks nice against the background of the hedge.

If you want something extra, you can grow a Korean fir shaped like a bonsai.

And those who have a truly miniature garden will choose a dwarf cultivar, such as Brillant, Dark Hill or Kohout’s Icebreaker (they resemble a compact green pillow). Or Molli, which is a smaller copy of the Korean fir. In time, it will also grow into a charming Christmas tree, only in a somewhat smaller version.


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