Wild parties and drugs. The future queen of Norway is a woman with a wild past

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The two knew very quickly that they were right for each other, and in an interview with NRK Radio last year, Mette-Marit described how their relationship developed: “He saw me. He understood me. He was curious. And he held me,” she laughed during a brief sentence that really describes their entire story.

Prince Haakon was not left behind, recalling how his future wife charmed him: “I was impressed by the bright southern girl. You notice when Mette enters the room. There is a power in her that is not so easy to overlook. And she was pleasant to talk to.”

In 2000, they announced their engagement, which was not without controversy. When Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon publicly introduced his girlfriend, then 28-year-old Mette-Marit Tjess Høiby, many Norwegians were horrified. Why did the prince choose a single mother as his bride? And if only a single mother, she was also an “ordinary woman”! No one understood why he couldn’t find a mate with royal blood. In short, the Norwegians feared that the prince’s election would mean the end of the monarchy.

Parties and drugs

At the time, Mette-Marit “dropped the chin” of the public. A former waitress with a wild past of partying and drug use, she wasn’t exactly the fairy-tale princess that people imagined alongside the crown prince. In addition, she was a single mother who, with the label of a former party girl, was far from the usual model of a future queen. Due to her checkered history, royal commentators in Oslo described her as “more like Fergie than Diana”.

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If Mette-Marit had brought home the “boy next door”, it probably wouldn’t have caused a big fuss, but when it came to the future princess, the mess in the form of her unorganized life was described as more than scandalous. A wave of criticism quickly descended on the prince. Some argued that he had to set a good example for his four and a half million subjects.

However, the prince was partly to blame for the negative reactions. Although he must have known well that Mette-Marit had gone through a wild period, he claimed in the media that his girlfriend’s past was no skeletons in the closet. As if he brought a pure lily to the court. However, this quickly backfired on him. Journalists launched a search operation and everyone knew about Mette-Marita’s wild parties in the past.

The prince never commented on his wife’s “more cheerful” period. However, the fact that Mette-Marit was a single mother on the contrary impressed him: “The fact that she had a small child only really told me that she is not afraid to take on obligations and responsibilities. For this reason, she has definitely not become less attractive in my eyes,” revealed the monarch.

It is not appropriate for the future queen to discuss her past in public. That is why she returned to it only once, when she decided to explain her earlier years to the entire Norwegian public. “My rebellion in my youth was much stronger than a lot of other people and this resulted in me living a pretty wild life,” she confided to the media. And with tears in her eyes she added: “It was a dearly paid experience for me, from which I took a long time to recover. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I condemn the drugs that are being talked about in my connection.”

However, he can now draw from his own experiences and spread enlightenment about how the older generation should approach the younger one. According to Mette‑Marit, it is important that young people feel that they have their place in society. And she stated it on a specific case from her youth. “When I shaved off all my hair in my senior year of high school, it was difficult for my mother. But I think she did well in the end.

If my daughter Ingrid did the same thing today, I don’t know if I would be so calm. I know that the difficult period between adolescence and adulthood can be a very vulnerable stage of life for many. That’s how it was with me too,” said Mette-Marit, now a few decades richer in life wisdom.

Stripper in the family

The future queen’s public penance had its impact. The Norwegian public accepted the apology, and when tens of thousands of people cheered in the streets on August 25, 2001, the day of the wedding, Mette-Marit could breathe a sigh of relief as she entered the church where she married Crown Prince Haakon.

She became the darling of the nation practically overnight from a driven sinner and took her popularity two notches higher. That was when she had a daughter, Ingrid Alexandra, in 2004, and a year later, a son, Sverre Magnus.

The princess hoped in vain that she would never get on the front pages of the newspapers again with some scandal. However, it was not her but her father who took care of the unwanted popularity. Sven O. Høiby sometimes filled the Norwegian media with his little extravagances, which caused him to become estranged from his daughter. However, his choice regarding his new partner was not a minor fad, but a fat bite for the tabloids.

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He met his bride, stripper Renate Barsgard, when she stripped on stage during a show he attended in southern Norway. “It is strange that an old man like me could fall in love with a woman who is as old as my youngest daughter,” Høiby did not hesitate to crown his life step with some inappropriate statement in a tabloid magazine. However, he reassured everyone in one breath by saying that Renate is his true love.

Princess Mette-Marit is even three years younger than her stepmother, who fortunately gave up striptease and now makes a living as a nurse. The serious Norwegian media is in favor of Her Highness, therefore they did not significantly blur her father’s marriage to a stripper and tactfully stated that there has been no or only minimal contact between Mette-Marit and her father for several years.

Health concerns

Four years ago, it was revealed that the princess was suffering from a serious respiratory illness. She was diagnosed with an unusual form of fibrosis. Mette‑Marit said the disease causes scarring of the lungs and makes breathing difficult. It is therefore possible that he will have to curtail his royal duties in the future. “I have been dealing with health problems regularly for many years and now we know more about what they are,” the princess said in a statement.

“Although such a diagnosis will sometimes limit my life, I am glad that the disease was detected so early. My goal is to still work and participate in the official program as much as possible,” she added.

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She even confided in the Norwegian radio station P3 that she suffers from dizziness. “When I turn my head quickly, it’s like the whole world starts to move. In addition, I started sweating and felt nauseous. I thought I was going through early menopause.” Royal physician Professor Kristian Bjøro said Princess Mette-Marit had been experiencing gradual changes in her lungs for several years and that her illness was probably not lifestyle-related. He is treated long-term and continuously both at the University Hospital in Oslo and by foreign experts.

The fact that the diagnosis was made at an early stage will give the princess a more positive prognosis, the royal palace said in a statement.

Despite the health problems, Her Highness enjoys good health and continues to fulfill her royal duties. In May, she and her husband went on an official visit to Sweden at the invitation of Crown Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria, where Mette-Marit managed the demanding schedule without any visible problems and looked fantastic. She is well positioned to become a representative Norwegian queen in the future.

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