It is a total failure of the rule of law

It is a total failure of the rule of law
It is a total failure of the rule of law

09/02/2022 23:51:00

Speech at the 36th meeting of the Chamber of Deputies on September 2, 2022 – Discussion of the motion of no confidence in the government of the Czech Republic

Dear Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen,

of course, like everyone else, I prepared a long speech on this topic, but in the meantime, in the 20 hours in the 30 speeches of the opposition MPs, most of the arguments have already been heard and I don’t want to repeat them. I’m only focusing on what hasn’t been talked about that much. Even if it weren’t for all the failures of the government, the fate of which we will be voting on, the case of the STAN movement and the appointment of the director of civilian intelligence, Petr Mlejenko, would be enough by itself. It is not just about the growth of organized crime into municipal and national politics, but mainly about proof of the total failure of the rule of law. In its modern history, the Czech Republic had the only violent criminal of world stature. This is Radovan Krejčíř. He became famous not only for his spectacular escape from arrest by the Czech police, but over time he developed into the most famous and most dangerous criminal in the Republic of South Africa, where he was arrested and convicted. It turns out that he must have been in a hurry years ago when he fled to avoid prosecution in the Czech Republic.

This was vividly confirmed by the case of his accomplice Michal Redl, who avoided all punishments when he was repeatedly declared unlawful by the courts. Nothing special in the Czech Republic. I remember before November many moneylenders and similar existences were receiving disability pensions to avoid criminal prosecution for parasitism. They mostly gained impunity in other areas as well. The unruly Mr. Redl has shown that time has really advanced. He received a passport and a driver’s license and was able to devote himself, for example, to founding a political movement, first at the municipal level, then at the national level. According to the police, he eventually became the head of an organized criminal group in the Dosimeter case.

If I evaluate the 56-day anabasis of the appointment of Mr. Mlejenko as director of the Office for Foreign Relations and Information, it seems to me that from the point of view of the chairman of the STAN movement and Minister of the Interior Vít Rakušan, Mr. Redl probably really acted like a certain kind of radionuclide. Someone was contaminated by a single meeting with him, for others, even more than ten years of business cooperation with someone who by law could not do business did not matter.

On the contrary, it seems that for work in the Czech intelligence services focused on the external security of the republic, it was a better recommendation than the top secret clearance of the NBU. I think that Radovan Krejčíř must feel like an idiot in his African prison, and so do most Czech citizens.

Thank you.

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