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Nocturnal antics of deputies in the Chamber of Deputies: Why are you licking the gold diggers?

Nocturnal antics of deputies in the Chamber of Deputies: Why are you licking the gold diggers?
Nocturnal antics of deputies in the Chamber of Deputies: Why are you licking the gold diggers?

As the meeting started on Thursday afternoon and lasted until noon yesterday, the MPs could see that the night shift was wearing them out. The initial freshness was replaced by tired expressions, yawning, and here and there someone could be seen climbing on the bench.


At the lectern, representatives of the government took turns – they listed what they had already managed to achieve in office – with opposition MPs, who did not spare criticism. And the long hours of speeches flowed merrily despite the fact that in some places the legislators spoke only to the empty parliamentary benches.


After a night marathon and countless coffees and colas, the deputies finally got around to voting. This was a form of roll call, when the head of the House of Representatives, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, was drawn by lot (37, TOP 09) determined that ODS deputy Libor Turek (51) will start. The marriage of one of the deputies brought some confusion to the vote. Martina Ochodnická (39, TOP 09) was listed as Lisová in the list of deputies, so she had to be summoned twice. The MPs appreciated this blunder in the vote with laughter and congratulated their colleague on her wedding with applause.

A selection from the speeches of Andrej Babiš and Peter Fiala in the House of Commons regarding no confidence in the government

RATIO 100:84

The vote itself went in Fial’s favor, 100 coalition MPs supported the government, while 84 opposition members were against. The remaining 16 lawmakers were excused, 8 from each camp.


Babiš towards Labor Minister Jureček. The YES boss was referring to a post he said he saw on Facebook.

“The highlight of your career, Mr. Minister, is how you got excited at a disco in České Budějovice. You were at a party in the Maxim club – according to the testimony of eyewitnesses, a drunk Jurečka spent time at the bar lining the club’s gold diggers, which he did not hesitate to lick in public. Why do you lick gold diggers?’

Babiš to criticize Foreign Minister Lipavskýwho told him about his relationship with Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán

“You know that Orbán is the Hungarian Václav Havel? You don’t know. Did I let myself be led by Orbán? He is the longest-serving prime minister, and when he speaks at the European Council, everyone listens.”

ODS Member of Parliament Petr Bendl to the YES deputies regarding the absence of Babiš in the hall.

“Do you take today’s meeting seriously? where is your boss The boss discussed here for an hour and a half and then he pulled himself together and left. Are you really serious? Well, you don’t.’

The head of the ANO club, Alena Schillerová to Bendlo’s performance

“He’s watching TV, I’m in regular contact with him. Don’t worry, he will come. He’s celebrating his birthday today on TV, for which I wish him good health and I’m glad we have him.”

Babiš responds to Prime Minister Fiala’s dig that he does not go to the House of Representatives

“Why do you say I arrived at work? Since May 16, I have visited 205 places in the Czech Republic and met an awful lot of people. I believe that is my job. It’s not my job to sit here and hear Michálek say that Okamura he has a hot tub, and Okamura says what Michálk’s wife was doing… When Alenka Schillerová, who is the boss, orders me to be in the House of Representatives, I’m here.”

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