A girl (6) was brutally attacked by trained pit bulls, but she is still alive thanks to her sister (11).

A girl (6) was brutally attacked by trained pit bulls, but she is still alive thanks to her sister (11).
A girl (6) was brutally attacked by trained pit bulls, but she is still alive thanks to her sister (11).

For six-year-old Violet Newman, it was just another normal day in Hawaii, where she lives with her family. Like every morning, she left for school with her two sisters and had no idea that her afternoon journey back home from school would turn into a rough fight for her bare life.

Violet and her sisters, fifteen-year-old Faith and eleven-year-old Layla, were returning home from school as usual – part of the way by bus and then less than a kilometer of sand from the bus stop. It was the pedestrian section that proved fatal for them that afternoon, November 5, 2021.

As usual, they were walking past a house where two pitbull dogs lived, which their owners had trained to attack people. The girls never had a problem with these dogs as they were always safely locked in the back yard – but they managed to escape that day.

The animals then did what their owners had taught them – both dogs attacked the youngest of the girls and tried to kill her. Faith, the eldest, ran for her mother in terror, while eleven-year-old Layla, without hesitation, committed herself to an absolutely heroic act. She did not run away, instead she threw herself among the raging animals and literally snatched her younger sister from their jaws.

When the girls’ mother arrived at the scene, none of the bystanders had even called an ambulance. So she called her herself, as well as the police. Six-year-old Violet was rushed to the hospital – she lost 40% of her sight, but survived the terrifying attack by animals trained to kill. Thanks to your sister. According to her mother, Violet has huge and deep dog teeth marks on her neck, but she can still talk about happiness. If the nurse hadn’t dragged her away and the dog had bitten her neck just an inch away, she would have been dead.

The summoned authorities “those poor animals”, as the girls’ mother put it, of course had them euthanized. But the mother of three sisters is calling for fair punishment of dog owners: “This is not the first incident that has happened in our neighborhood. I don’t blame the dogs, they just did what they were trained to do, they couldn’t do otherwise. It was their owners who trained them to be aggressive, and then they lost control of them to the point where they attacked my child.” She goes on to say that the real problem is that the laws do not police what the animals are trained to do by their owners .

Violet continues to recover from the attack, but the scars on her soul are very slow to heal – the family had to give up their own two dogs because they were pitbull hybrids and Violet has been terrified of them since the attack. Because of the trauma he experienced, he also cannot sleep and is afraid of every dog ​​he meets on the street. But the whole family is grateful to eleven-year-old Layla, whose courage saved her sister’s life.

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