Kate Moss’s daughter showed off shocking nails that will knock any sock off

The daughter of former top model Kate Moss (48) has sparked heated discussions after posting a picture of her feet with long artificial nails on Instagram. Below the post itself are both compliments and criticism. Will she be able to introduce a new trend, or will she fail like Rihanna (34) did years ago?

Trends change not only with each year, but also with the season. In the field of pedicures, however, people generally do not like to experiment and stick to long-standing classics, such as nail polish of any color and cutting into a shape and size that will not get in the way. However, Lila Moss (19) is trying to change this stereotype.

The daughter of the well-known top model and rebel Kate Moss showed red claws in glittery heeled sandals on Instagram. Such artificial nails, which hundreds of thousands of women around the world have on their hands, she had them created on her feet. And the reactions under the post are, as expected, mixed

Trend or obnoxiousness?

In particular, other famous people are amazed by the photo and express in the comments how much they like the long toenails. “Those nails look super sexy,” wrote one of the budding model’s fans, punctuating her words with heart emojis instead of eyes. But some do not share her enthusiasm.


“Those nails make me physically sick,” wrote one of the followers directly under the photo of nails, which can be considered the official worst enemy of socks and with which Lila Moss would have to buy shoes one size larger than usual.

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Rihanna burned out

The trend of long nails, although not nearly to the extent shown by Lila Moss, was already tried to be implemented in 2016 by the Barbadian singer Rihanna. Even then, it was nothing that would garner praise from the public. However, fashion magazine Vogue sang the praises of her pedicure, as did pedicurist Madeline Poole.

“If you can wear sexy sandals every day, you’re a queen. Long toenails indicate a rich lifestyle. They speak of the fact that the wearer doesn’t have to be on her feet all the time and run around town in sneakers,” she told the prestigious magazine.

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