The actors from ZOO showed how they looked when they sat down in school desks. Who is similar to you and who would you not recognize?

Honza Kopečný as Kamil Ovčík

“I had a very nice problem when we went on a school trip to southern Bohemia. At that time I was very fond of drawing and I had these thick markers with me. It turned out that I painted the stop. I even practiced the big signature that I use today like an idiot, so the teacher recognized it. I got a nice reprimand for that. I have to say that it wasn’t ugly at all, it was just misunderstood fine art. I always sat in the back pews because I felt like everyone thought the person sitting in the last pew was a douchebag. So I sat in the penultimate…,” Honza confided.

Michaela Petřeková as Markéta Tomečková

I loved school trips and I remember one last day when we had smoked meat to eat. We all threw up after him. That stuck in my memory and I haven’t eaten it since. It was a great experience! I was a nerd and always got commendations at the end of the year for representing the school in recitation competitions. I excelled at that, they let me go straight to the district round. When someone wanted to apply for that competition, everyone knew they had no chance because I was there. I always sat in the back of the pew because I was the tallest, and then it dragged on with me the whole time. It was the same for the photo shoot as well, with my friend Magda, who is still friends with me and is taller than me, we always stood between the boys in the back rows, and we were even taller than them“, Míša revealed to herself.

Source: FTV Prima

Pavel Nečas as Lubor Brázda

I remember a camp where I was in a pretty mess, and innocently so. Really! What
I don’t know what happened then, but the parents were very angry. It poisoned the whole holiday.
Of course, I took home more notes than compliments, but they were the classic interrupting ones, which I did all the time. I sat in the second or third desk by the window, and the older I got, I pushed myself to the back for logical reasons, so that the teacher could not check us, for example, reading, playing boats or tic-tac-toe under the desk
,” snapped Nečas.

Michaela Tomešová as Adélka Pokorná

There were a lot of ups and downs, but the worst was at the ninth grade farewell. I came into contact with alcohol for the first time, and in the evening I still had a musical performance waiting for me. Well, it didn’t work out in the end. I mean the performance. Since then I can’t drink rum or coffee. But all the time I balanced it with praise for the good representation of the school in the Prague Egg recitation competitions. I mostly sat in the first pew because I was small, and it gradually developed towards the back. I was in an elective language class, but that’s all gone now. The knowledge is not there, and in the end I was spoiled by the conservatory“, said the serial Adélka to herself.

Source: FTV Prima

Michaela Pecháčková as Sid Novotná

“In general, I never caused any problems, I represented the school in recitation competitions and at the end of the school year I received praise for recitations, for collecting caps or for attendance. Well, what can I say. I remember one school trip when we went somewhere to a candle shop and I wanted to bring a present to my mother. In addition to the candle, a tourist stamp. At the time, I had no idea how much it cost, and the lady gave me back about five crowns, and I didn’t buy the candle for that, and that’s what my mom wanted. The stamp is still at home today, it was not a very successful gift back then. In general, I loved trips, schools in nature, and I didn’t miss my parents, I enjoyed it and I wasn’t one of those kids who wanted to go home the next day.” Pecháčková commented on her childhood.

Source: FTV Prima
Source: FTV Prima

Jitka Sedláčková as Helena Pechová

In the seventh grade, we were in the mountains and everyone already had those Alpina shoes, and I had them
incredibly heavy black leather boots – jumpers that weighed more than everyone else’s luggage. My mother came to pick me up in front of the school in a Trabant after the course, and I remember being incredibly embarrassed. For the children, the father drove the Škoda, and for me, my mother, because my father was not with us. Mom had to stand around the corner with that car so no one could see it. I was so stupid. I took the notes home and they all sounded pretty similar – she’s interrupting, she’s making faces, she’s not paying attention, there’s a buzz around her. I always sat in the very last bench near the door so I could quickly go down the hall. Quick shot when I had a fit of laughter because the teachers kept sending me out the door. Then they started moving me closer to them because I was angry
“, Jitka confided.

Šimon Bilina as Adam Hruška

“I remember that we went on a school trip to Rožmberk and a friend was yelling at some local drunk people there. They didn’t like it, so they came and manually dealt with us. But I didn’t know what it was because I was asleep until then. In short, they mistook me for him. I was a pretty good kid in elementary school. Later, it somehow turned into the fact that I brought home a few notes that I broke something. Sometimes I got into a fight with someone and a windowpane fell out or a door broke… But it was fun that went wrong. In short, we had a lot of energy. I always sat in the last pews, where you could get angry. I also remember beautiful trips – Earth Day, when we cleaned up trash, there was a lot of it.” Simon revealed.

Sabina Laurinová as Alice Novotná

“I have several of those memories. My classmate and I changed shoes in the second grade, and then we looked for our family all over Prague, because none of us could walk in those shoes. I had them two sizes smaller and she was logically larger. Finally it was done and the shoes found the right feet. I once broke my leg on the way to school. My classmate carried me on her back for a short distance before we came across the local OPBH and called my mother at work. Sometime in the sixth grade, I managed to write a play Little Misfortune, I was cast in the lead role and I directed the play. I invited thirteen female classmates to join me, and within my script and improvisation, we even performed the performance three times. I don’t remember the compliments anymore, but I brought a few small notes to the school – They don’t pay attention, they tickle their backs. My friend and I didn’t enjoy chemistry, so we put on a stopwatch and scratched each other’s backs with a pencil for a minute.” says Sabina about herself.

Source: FTV Prima
Source: FTV Prima

Source: Author’s text, FTV Prima

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