Behind the scenes of the series ZOO, where happiness disappeared: Is Sid or Viky more annoying? You would only want Ilonka as a friend

Behind the scenes of the series ZOO, where happiness disappeared: Is Sid or Viky more annoying? You would only want Ilonka as a friend
Behind the scenes of the series ZOO, where happiness disappeared: Is Sid or Viky more annoying? You would only want Ilonka as a friend

Every time it seems that Sid, or Anča, is getting together with Haďák, some absurd situation comes up where things go completely wrong. First it was cute, then a bit off, now downright annoying. In the same way, Viky and the judge still look like the screenwriters forgot to write a common plot line for them. But this is already starting to annoy people, because the series simply lacks a happy ending. The question almost arises as to whether René Decastelo wrote ZOO at the time of his divorce from Eva Decastelo and thus projects his inner mood into it. Otherwise, it is perhaps impossible to explain why no one has found happiness there yet.

ZOO is a Czech comedy and family series, which has two main storylines. Sid and the Novotný family, who own a successful glass company, and Viky, a girl from a school with foreclosures on her neck, who accidentally meets a rich judge for whom she works as a nanny and becomes pregnant by him. It airs from January 2022.

Danuše and Ilonka are at a loss

In the last episodes, Viky just stares at how the judge didn’t marry Markéta. Although she smiles for the camera from time to time and one would expect her to throw herself into his arms and reveal that she has his child under her heart, the opposite is true. Even now she started to claim that she doesn’t really know if she wants him, which almost every viewer has already rolled their eyes at. Ilonka, the Kříž family’s housekeeper, who has to watch this theater, apparently has nerves of steel.

And so is Danuše, Peter’s mother, who watches these two young people step on their luck and declares from time to time that maybe she raised her son badly. Surprisingly, she did not hesitate to help Peter’s wedding with Markéta, which ultimately did not take place, which was a relief to her, but at the same time, she is unable to convince Viky to step out of her bubble and start telling the truth.

Sid as an explosive siren full of rage

One would say that in a family that is presented as fully functioning, for the occasional quarrels between the son and the mother, financially secure and willing to support her children in any situation, will grow up balanced and self-confident individuals. In that case, however, it is not clear how the aforementioned Sid got there.

She either cries that she wants Haďák, flirts with Albert, asks Haďák to help her with a difficult life situation, or she screams at him as if she were torn from her chain that he is antisocial. A beautiful start to a relationship. However, that is not quite all. Haďák has no idea that the innocent Anička is the daughter of the sponsor of the entire ZOO. On the contrary, he thinks of her as a girl from childhood who was abandoned by her parents. Anička or Sid is lying in the ZOO and does not want it to be known who she is.

Where did the happiness go?

And lest we forget, the humiliated Markéta is still screaming somewhere in the distance, whom Peter left right in front of the altar and explained to her that he doesn’t really love her. We wouldn’t expect happiness from her, but the only person she could still end up with in the series is Bréťa, who absolutely hates her and makes fun of her wherever she goes.

So far, the screenwriters have already pushed Mařena to Adélka, because Mína is leaving to film the series Dobré právy. The highlight of everything would be if Markéta got together with Albert, however, it would play a bit in terms of character. But when will at least one of the characters of the ZOO series finally find some happiness?

To make matters worse, the twins Izy and Tes, Vika’s sisters, will soon run into the series. So which will take over who and to whom? It will be mela again…

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