Hidden threat! Lower the temperature in the apartment and it can come. The expert warns

The energy crisis is deepening and with it comes not only financial problems. Insufficiently heated apartments can be a breeding ground for mold and various diseases, warns MF Dnes.

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During the coming months, the 27 European countries want to reduce gas consumption by at least fifteen percent. Due to the seriousness of the energy crisis, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck is appealing to Germans to stop heating their apartments as they have been doing so far. Habeck, who is in government for the Green Party, talks about the need for “great contemporary solidarity”.

The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, also stated in the recent interview program ČT24 that Czechs must stop heating their apartments, as they were used to. “If it continues to heat as it has been used to in this country, it will be unsustainable. It’s also fair to say that we’ve gotten used to living here in the fact that we don’t have to care so much about how we heat. That was wrong, it was wrong before from an ecological point of view. Climate change has not disappeared,” Markéta Pekarová Adamová added that the Czech Republic was overheating, which was harmful.

The question is, in such a case, how to deal with Pekarová Adamová’s urgent recommendation that it is necessary to wear sweaters and not to heat the apartments excessively.

The colder some rooms are, the less they are able to absorb moisture. The occurrence of mold is particularly dangerous on cold surfaces and in unventilated niches. At the same time, there are plenty of sources of water vapor. Cooking, showering or even just breathing.

The risk of mold will mainly be felt by poorer households that do not have enough means for heating. According to mold remediation technician Wolfgang Lorenz, it is important to ventilate often and thoroughly.

The German Environment Agency warns that infested walls must be completely knocked down and the plaster replaced, as well as chipboard furniture must be completely replaced if mold has formed on it. Not to mention the possible health consequences that mold can leave on tenants.

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