With parents on vacation. The shape of the Beskydy house offers enough privacy

Living in the same house with parents brings a whole range of benefits, but at the same time, such a setting can create friction surfaces, which are often caused primarily by a lack of privacy. The architects of the KLAR studio masterfully dealt with the solution of this problem, who offered their own space in the V-shaped house for two generations who are very close to each other.

The house is divided into two wings, each of which is more or less intended for one of them. The studio’s client was a family of four who wanted to live together with their grandfather and grandmother without anyone losing their own place.

The architects therefore chose a semi-detached house with a V-shaped floor plan, which makes maximum use of the buildable area of ​​the plot defined by the nearby forest and underground gas storage tanks. Both buildings are designed as a wooden structure, which the investor could partly realize with his own help.

Photo: Václav Novák

The outer shell of the house was created by tanning wood


The house meets the architecture of the Beskydy Mountains, where the village of Rybí, in which the house is located, is located. The sharply pitched roof and the chosen building material refer to the local traditional one-story houses. This is a typical approach of the architectural studio from Kopřivnice, which commercial buildings and private residences often try to fit into the context of the region.

The basis of this project was a wooden frame together with wooden panels. The entire structure grew on several types of foundations. While the family house stands on thin steel stilts, the other house is supported by reinforced concrete foundations.

The envelope of both houses consists of burnished wooden cladding on the outer walls, while the inner facade of the courtyard and the soffits of the extended roof overhangs are of contrasting light wood cladding.

Thanks to the V-shape between them, the two buildings create an open courtyard in the form of a triangle, which is oriented to the south and offers a view of the forest. The yard is also lined with a massive wooden terrace with a staircase.


Photo: Václav Novák

Large windows blur the distinction between interior and exterior


Photo: Václav Novák

View from the front yard to the backyard

At the point where the two buildings intersect, there is the main entrance, which leads to the corridor. It offers a view to both wings of the house and, thanks to the large window, also to the garden. One part of the house serves as living space, with an open ceiling, kitchen, dining area, bathroom and bedrooms for children and parents.

In the second wing there is a utility room, the grandparents’ bedroom and a second small bathroom. Thanks to this, both families can spend time together, but at the same time respect their individual private zones and maintain a healthy two-generation harmony.

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