We must prevent the descent into poverty. You know enough about the economy

We must prevent the descent into poverty. You know enough about the economy
We must prevent the descent into poverty. You know enough about the economy

Which of of proposed abbots do you see it as written?
Most designs are characterized by the fact that they are flexible and can be implemented quite quickly. However, if I had to choose, the step that should have been taken a long time ago is the valorization of the child benefit by about 30 percent, so that it fluctuates at least on par with the nominal wage from 2008.

Just for child benefit?
Dvka is already perfect, everyone knows it, it works sometimes. It’s really cheap. This can be realized by a simple change in the law.

What is NERV?

National Economic Council of the Government. It has been operating in the current compound since May 2022, when its activity was renewed in response to the current economic situation. Now I have NERV 19 only from a number of leading economists. Among them are, for example, Helena Horsk, Dominik Stroukal, Mojmr Hampl, Ale Rod or Tom Havrnek. The Council was established in 2010, when it was supposed to look for an impact of the financial crisis at that time.

For what reason did it not happen and the government prefers to go the way of the plonch occupier?
I can only guess at that. One thing is that the government drank it a month ago with an attack on a unicorn pspvek of 5,000 crowns per child. She just raised the living wage. This does not raise the child benefit itself, but only maintains the range of households that can receive it. That’s a big difference. Maybe it was simply forgotten. The truth is that the government does not want to raise any kind of regular income.

Can you explain it to me?
From time to time I will hear such a view from the Ministry of Finance. The central government is suffering from a structural deficit and we cannot afford to put in permanent expenditure. I would also like to add that we have to invite even if it exists. If, on the one hand, it is not a problem to spend 60 billion on a discounted energy tariff or eight billion on a one-time child benefit, then we should see if it is not better to spend a small amount of this money on something effective and standard, such as the child benefit.

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Dotte line and to the end

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