“Sprinkling coke up your anus is not enough!” Kotrba let out his anti-government speech. Shortly before the demonstration

What would I say to the demonstrators at Wenceslas Square today at 2 p.m

You whined about the citizens getting richer for four years. With a staggering minimum of people out of work. With the rising quality of life for the majority. With a functional economy. With a functional and robust health and social system, tested by two waves of the covid epidemic. With functioning factories, with functioning domestic and foreign trade. Even the poor were usually not so poor that they were hungry, shivering with cold and had nowhere to sleep. Before you came, things were never so good in this country.

You claimed you could rule better. That you can do politics better. That you will not cheat, that you will not steal. That you will manage this country better. Together. But your empty mind, unprincipled greed and desire to rule at any cost have betrayed you. You have shown that you are no better. You are the worst government in the past thirty years. Pouring coke up your anus is not enough. Not only do you cheat and steal, but you steal stupidly, so you get caught. Moreover, you are unable to manage the country so that it does not become poor.

You don’t understand international politics. You have exposed the entire country to a risky war game that cannot be won. The Czechia has no raw materials, the thick pipe with gas and oil, without which the Czech economy cannot exist, runs from east to west, not the other way around. It will always lead. No “democratic” gas will be cheaper to replace gas pipelines from Russia. We no longer mine those coal trains in Ostrava, but import them, mostly from the east. We cannot be alone in an international competition, we have to – whether we want to or not – cooperate, work together. Even with countries that have a different view of social order than you do. With Russia, with China. With India. Before you came, trade exchange was working, cultural exchange was working, mutually beneficial dialogue was working. Even though the presidential system in Russia is an economically and politically regulated democracy, it has the support of 80% of its citizens. You can only dream about it. Even though there is state-owned corporate capitalism in China, paradoxically led by a Communist Party “with Chinese characteristics”, it is the most powerful economy in the world with 95% support from its citizens. They are all proud of the Middle Kingdom. And even though there is still casteism and some hidden feudalism in India, it is a country with an extremely varied and functional administration of public affairs and a country of extremely hardworking people. In total, this trio of military, nuclear and space powers is more than 2.5 billion people.

You started the provocations and diplomatic insults. Tearing down monuments, ostentatious expulsion of diplomats, intelligence games, economic embargo and insults of foreign politicians did not lead to anything concrete and did not help us in anything. There is either a symmetrical or asymmetrical response to all provocations. Yes, maybe Russia does not need 250 diplomats in the Czech Republic. But the Czechia needs diplomats in Russia – businessmen to sell cars, pumps, valves and other engineering goods. For the sale of food and the purchase of grain and raw materials. All of that is a thing of the past today thanks to you. We are an unfriendly country for the time being, striving hard for full enmity with a nuclear power and an end to any diplomacy. That is an open road to war. At the same time, the entire Czechia has the same population as Moscow with its suburbs.


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Perhaps Taiwan deserves diplomatic recognition and full independence. But you don’t make the world order. They were created by others. US President Richard Nixon and his foreign policy adviser Henry Kissinger left the former ally on the island 40 years ago as part of ‘ping pong diplomacy’ and let mainland communist China sit in the UN Security Council with veto power. That was the price for peace in Asia. Back then, Kissinger sought and achieved peace not only in the Pacific, but also in Israel, the Middle East, and the Middle East. The One China principle has since been recognized by all, just as Eretz Israel and Turkey’s role in guarding the Bosphorus have been recognized by all. But you chose to provoke. At the same time, the entire Czechia has the same population as one Chinese regional city.

You have joined with cheers the provocateurs who have been undermining the peace for a long time and waging wars that they cannot even win. Who in the past caused death, misery and destruction to millions of people through a series of lost conflicts in Iraq, Libya, the Maghreb, Afghanistan and Syria. Who are now trying to subvert Europe so that there can be no economically mutually beneficial cooperation either on the Baikal-Amur Route or on the New Silk Road. You have joined the side of those who for centuries lived off the misery of others – be it blacks or Indians, and to this day they need to take from others, because they themselves are no longer able to create anything, only print money.

You joined the side of those who staged a bloody coup in Ukraine under the banner of democracy and their hired Georgian henchmen shot unarmed people from rooftops. Who burned dozens of people alive in Odessa. Who glorified Ukrainian and Lithuanian Nazis and Nazi collaborators, whose ancestors massacred thousands of Jews and thousands of Slavs in the name of monstrous Nazi ideology. You call the expansion of NATO and the EU to the east an export of democracy, I call it an export of destruction.

You claimed that you were defending us Czechs, somewhere in the Afghan mountains. That they are fighting for Prague in Afghanistan. Mushrooms. It is sad to call even the president a fool. You fought on the other side of the world only for American neo-colonial interests. And then you and your mercenaries ran because even with vast technological and economic superiority you could not defeat the determined highlanders who fought for their country and who had never been defeated before. You are sick of how they manage their country. It’s not your country, you don’t decide it, they do. You have always been only occupiers, never friends and never liberators. But you spent billions of dollars. For what?

Your American friends are friends with the world’s biggest blackheads, with Muslims who, with the name of Allah on their lips, shave children, cut women’s wombs and flog them. For whom a woman is less than a camel. Who spread Wahhabism to the world and support fanatical terrorists. Mainly because they have cheap oil for the US. You don’t mind. You are not spreading democracy to the USA.

Now you support aggressive nationalists and kleptocrats in Ukraine, thinking that you will weaken and subvert Russia, whose government does not want to conform to our views on world order and “free” trade at begging prices. You are spending billions of dollars and billions of crowns. For what? You are prolonging the war, which was supposed to destroy the system created during the illegitimate seizure of power on the Maidan. You carry weapons to the battlefield and watch people die. Needlessly. Zelensky’s Kyiv regime cannot win. They face an enemy ten times stronger with virtually unlimited resources. He faces the disapproval of the majority of his own population, who do not fight for him, only watch. He faces the illegitimacy with which he came to power. He faces the hatred of Russian-speaking citizens whom Kyiv has made inferior.

Anyway, Ukraine will lose access to raw materials, most of the industry, a large part of the territory and access to the sea. Performance will be lost. It will be—like it or not—a cordon sanitaire. Land without perspective. No one in their right mind will accept it into the EU, no one in their right mind will accept it into NATO. That is the price for hateful nationalism, for bad politics and bad politicians. Your support won’t change that.

Your policy of continental economic war with Russia means not only the loss of a prospective market, but the reciprocal actions of Russia are now decimating European competitiveness across the board. They laugh in the US. You got nothing for it. No one will replace the necessary raw materials, no one will take away the manufactured goods. No one will replace people for the jobs they lost. European countries are losing ground to Asian countries in the global competition, and they will benefit only in the USA. For a while… You can talk about morality, scheming, stealing and pouring coke up your anus.

Go to hell. This country and this people do not need and do not want such a government. Go.

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author: Štěpán Kotrba

The article is in Czech

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