Straka slav pest: Hockey is the end of all. The cabin rejuvenates him

I don’t notice Valentine’s Day, at all. If you hadn’t come to drink with me in the winter and called my colleague from Sport, I might not even remember, I don’t have time, Straka smiled on Thursday afternoon during an interview for MF DNES and Denk.

Congratulations will be in order. How do you plan the celebrations?
I’ll make something soon for the game and people from the club for the winter. Unfortunately, my birthday is not at an ideal time. The holidays are over, kids, get ready for the bike, the hockey season is about to start. It’s complicated, but I’ll figure something out.

Does the background ever ring?
Also not. But it’s still up and down. Sometimes it hurts, other times I feel fine. And it doesn’t matter if I’m twenty, fifty or fifty. I like that I am constantly surrounded by young guys. I go to the cabin, there are 18-year-old fighters, I often go on the ice with them. It would probably be different if I moved in the fifty plus collective. At home, I have two young daughters, the old one is eighteen, the young one will be born soon. Brcha Michal, who lived next door, also has two girls. I see life through this lens.

In fact, it must be difficult for your loved ones to come up with a cake that surprises you.
I promise I don’t want anything. I don’t want it to sound stupid, but I feel like everything is. Someone please buy a jet, I don’t need it. Sure, I like to eat good food, but I don’t eat crap. Why should I buy junk? I think I’m just an ordinary boy raised by my parents. I don’t have any necessities.

the bottom of the horse? A collection of French wines, luxury cars…?
Yes, hockey. That’s the end of all.

Even the age of verk is gone?
I had to put something under it, somewhere to suck. Today, I prefer to relax at his house. Exercise, ride a bike, have a drink, watch football. Yeah, I have a feeling I’m going to get stuck in this. But when I’m at work all day, I don’t need to go somewhere to dig.

Martin Straka as coach of Pilsen ice hockey team

It almost looks like you don’t decorate your day. Just a cigarette that you both enjoy?
Oh yeah. I started with Pitom and after returning from the NHL. Actually, in the season when we won the title. I had a cigar, then a cigarette here and there. For a while I cut back on the kouen, but then it moved. Again, I practically do not drink alcohol, I have almost eliminated it. And I go again in the morning. I always laughed at my dad when he was watching the TV and said to him: I’m going to lie down, I’m sick here on the couch. Today it’s the same. And I got up at six, the times were stupid when I fell asleep at one in the morning and was up and sometimes after eight.

You changed this. It hasn’t been seven years since he took off…
My fiftieth child is not born, that makes me very sad. First, my aunt, then my mother. Not even Jarda Zavoral, the cousin, is here. I won’t change it, that’s the way it is, that’s life…

Do you have to remember that with a smile? His presence always meant a great relief in society.
Yeah, yeah. When I go to the gym to see him and my mother, and it’s just the time when he doesn’t feel like going to the club, I immediately think: Dad would give it to me. I can hear his girls. you can’t look at it, and we’re going somewhere to the right… and you can’t do anything with those eyes. And I smile in my mind.

When we were in our twenties, Pilsen, you won a historic title in Zln. And suddenly the old man is gone. how was she
Everything will evolve somehow. But mainly the last years are tk. I mean it in general. First, covid, those terrible things to Ukraine. It’s not a fun day, I have to leave the company. You see, this would be the real dragon that would give me the greatest pleasure. And with this madman, the world will end. Only she will pass the time, we’re just about to be arrested…

I ACCOMPLISHED MY MISSION. Martin Straka led Plze to the title in 2013, and he also scored a goal in extra time of the decisive seventh final against Zln. Then he enjoyed a beer and a cigar in the attic.

So let’s go to hockey instead. Under me?
When you move in it, you have to follow the trends. Evolve. Anyone who has problems with skating has problems with hockey today. The methods are also different, the condition is different. But I still say that one old wisdom always applies. If you know how to ride, you know how to get everything out of yourself, that’s all you can do in sports. Even in the thorn, the boys let you drive both of them to the edge, to push the boundaries.

You didn’t get anything for free in the billion either.
That’s it. I didn’t have an artistic path. Pekes in sports are and will be, just like in life.

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking to yourself: Hockey was better and nicer for us?
Every time m St. When I look at Nagano today and see those fouls, hockey has always been sumo on ice! Then the power started pouring out again, the hockey was technical, good combinations and mistakes. Today it’s an up and down game, you have to do everything in a hurry. Not even the NHL is played that hard. Those who soaped the two, did not soap it. Moreover, you don’t know who is a paraplegic and who is a tonk. the wheels are connected and the runners are sometimes on the offensive rather than the tonics. Even then, you don’t know who to cast. Every time m St.

Do you ever wear a harness?
At all! But I go to the ice with the boys when they have thorn. And when you let me. Easy, skate.

Pilsen coach Martin Straka likes his Saints.

What’s up girl, is it under your hand?
No way, I’ll just put it there. (smile)

It’s seven in your office, a photo of David Jiko just came out of the club calendar. At the age of eighteen, I joined the NHL. I was nineteen when you packed up and flew away for the award. D compare it?
Absolutely not. He had been to West Germany once before, they had traveled the world. David was drafted by Columbus, but before that he was there four times. J flew to America without a word of English, today guys know the language from a bicycle. Because of the regime, we didn’t get out like that, today the daughter goes out into the world soon and studies. Freedom of travel and possibilities are incomparable.

I remember how you complained back in 1992 that you didn’t understand in America how an ATM on the street could give you a pension.
Well, sure, it was! J first flew to Edmonton. We had an agent there, and they spent time there. J, Ra mehlk, Robert Petrovick, Milan Hnilika. There were about eight of us, we used to go to a class where we had to learn English. We still didn’t learn anything because we chatted among ourselves. And in the middle of the year I went camping in Pittsburgh.

Today in Plzeň you are blowing the club. Is the manager floating under your work?
There are good and bad moments. a hunter must fight and work. But you can feel sorry for yourself, make excuses and stand up, or grit your teeth and struggle. Specially in this time period. Mme tk opponents. I don’t mean the soccer player Viktorka because of the sponsors, but the extra-league competition. There are clubs that can financially compete. But we want to compete with them on the ice.

Was there a moment when you called for the sale of the club? I am afraid of this information…
It was always bullshit. I’ve heard a lot. People told me who was lying, who was up to something, and I never even talked to anyone about this in the dark. To those people today: Oh, does he want to buy the club? Ok, bring him here, I’ll have fun with him. But never anything. It would be understandable if someone wanted to help, contribute some chapters so that we are stronger. I don’t have a problem with that, I’d just be happy. But no one stopped yet…

Do you complain that Victoria in football spent hundreds of millions by advancing to the Champions League, but that is not possible in hockey?
That’s how it is. Vichni knows it and it won’t change. It’s not worth standing up to, because it won’t be any other way. Not until the time I play hockey. And again. Mete breet, or just take it as reality.

Pilsen captain Martin Straka in a duel with Brno.

Are you going to the Master of Cheating League?
When will be as, very rd. To see such darkness against Pilsen, whether live or on TV, is dark. Viktorka could not get anything better. I immediately wrote to Dok and Pavlo Horvth, congratulating them. And it will be as, let’s have a beer. But we always love you.

You also sometimes combined hockey with football in your childhood, right?
Tta played football. In Radnice, on the regional level. Well, at least he admitted that he also played the regional pebor. But maybe it was like Jarda Kuel’s district playoff, fifth place in the division. (smile) He led us to football and hockey with a smile. Then Kal: Everyone can play soccer, but learning to skate and play hockey is not for everyone. Gradually, I was drawn to hockey.

Do the hockey players of Plzeň have what it takes to win the title?
For me it is an engine. You must have ovens these customs. No one wants to play 12 places, I wouldn’t enjoy it, I play games and not girls at all. This shit wouldn’t make sense to me.

How many times in a season do you want to go down from the bottom and do you feel safe?
dm with feelings. When I think I should do it, no one stops me and I fly into the cabin. But I’m not as excited as dv, it happens once or twice a season.

What’s wrong with training? You tried it on clubs and national teams alike.
I’m glad I’m going to the ice with the boys. I clear my head, I watch them, I can see that they want to stick together. I’m a little sad that I can’t be there every day, the duty is great. But for the ice, I have it under thne…

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