Through the eyes of Sasha Mitrofanov: Russian pupils will hear that the happiness of the homeland is more than their lives

Every Monday, all students must have a ceremonial start. It is prescribed that it will take place outside in good weather, and if the weather is not suitable, everyone will move to the appropriate areas in the school building. A specially selected group of standard-bearers, designated by the school management as prize-winners, ceremoniously raises the Russian national flag. At the end of the week, the same group will perform the opposite operation at the beginning of the apprenticeship.

However, the main change in the program will be the lessons of patriotism ordered from above in Russian schools, which must take place every Monday and do not formally fall into the learning process. Nevertheless, even contemporary Russian media write about the fact that parents complain about schools that force them to send their children to these classes.

The Ministry of Education has issued programs, methodological guidelines and instructions for teachers who will have to lead these classes. For example, on September 12, teachers must teach third- and fourth-grade students to think that the happiness of the country is more important than their lives and that it is not a bad thing if they give their lives to the country if it wants them. Starting in the fifth grade, students will have to hear and later recite that the West is increasing the number of victims in Ukraine, where Russia is conducting its special military operation.

Children will have to stick to “approximate answers” to questions that teachers have to ask them. Example: “Teacher: For us, the motherland is of course our country, Russia. But what else is a homeland? I would like to hear your answers. Approximate children’s answers: Homeland, these are the people who live in our country, it is also our family, but also the place where we were born, as well as the culture of the country.”

I quote the central passage of the methodological instructions: “We see manifestations of true patriotism even today, especially during a special military operation.” Its beginning was announced on February 24 of this year by the President of Russia VV Putin. In his speech, the president said: ‘Circumstances call for decisive and immediate action. The People’s Republics of Donbas turned to Russia for help.’

Among the goals of the special military operation is the protection of the population of Donbas, which has been subjected to ridicule and oppression by the Kyiv regime, then the disarmament of Ukraine, and the prevention of deployment of NATO military bases on its territory.

The Russian Armed Forces, together with the forces of the DLR and LLR, are conducting an active operation to achieve these goals. The enormous military and other aid of the collective West to the Ukrainian authorities is prolonging the fighting, increasing the number of victims of the operations.

The teachers’ alliance and the soft power women’s movement called on educators and parents in an open letter to boycott these patriotism lessons. However, it is not clear how many people will dare to protest openly.

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