REVIEW: Muse’s hopelessness in great songs

The song Kill or Be Killed invites you to the nineties of the last century, when guitar aggression was valued, Compliance is inspired by the electronic pop of the eighties, Ghosts (How Can I Move On) is a heart-rending piano ballad, Liberation evokes the spirit of the work of the group Queen, whether in the construction songs or vocal arrangements, You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween is a crossover in which raw rock, radio pop and disco cheapness meet with the playing of a church organ. We Are Fucking Fucked or Verona are composed songs in which Matt Bellamy demands attention not only as a guitarist and pianist, but also as a singer.

If on the previous album Simulation Theory (2018) Muse stepped into a fantasy movie world, on the new one they sing about what is happening today. And they are so uncompromising about it that the whole collection looks like a soundtrack to the uprising of ordinary people.

The title track lambasts Britain’s disappointing political scene. Liberation is about suppressing protests (“Send the army to trample on our prayers”), We Are Fucking Fucked draws attention to fundamental climate change, and Euphoria is an ugly look into the future.

On the album, bad news is accompanied by great music created during an excursion into old moods. Bellamy et al. are wallowing in a state of hopelessness, but doing so in their most successful songs in years.

Muse: Will Of The People
Warner Music, 37:40

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