In Havov, a bike crashed, at least 17 injured, one child

In Havov, a bike crashed, at least 17 injured, one child
In Havov, a bike crashed, at least 17 injured, one child

The police found out about the incident at the Havovské festivities at 3:15 p.m., on Astronaut Street near the sports hall of Slavia, a bicycle crashed. According to Renho ernohorskho, a police spokesman, the children are seriously injured.

We intervene in the city, there are five floors and a total of twelve injured people. We will specify the extent of the injuries later, regional rescue service Luk Humpl told He later added that there were only a handful of injured people, but yesterday there were seventeen of them, as they arrived at the hospital alone.

According to the mayor of Hava, Josef Blica, the accident happened on the Etzka carousel, which goes up to a height of about fifteen meters and then descends again.

The rotation should stop in just six meters, which did not happen, and if the operator tried to turn off the wheel, the seats, low above the ground, started to crash into the cashier’s booth during the rotation. With the highest probability of software errors or mechanical defects, the police are now examining it, the mayor said.

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the editor of the hospital in Havov, Norbert Schellong, told that the oldest of the four died in the Faculty Hospital in Ostrava, and nine were transferred to the hospital in Havov. The most injured have an injury, for example, to the trunk.

According to Schellong, eight patients had leg injuries and will be discharged today and tomorrow. Among the injured are adults and children between the ages of 5 and 18.

He gave witnesses a description of what happened after the accident. There was a lot of kik here, there was a lot of dt. It was far away, I preferred to run away, described the witness.

Police in arms

The policeman from Havova and the commission from Karvin are on the scene. It will be revealed how the whole accident happened, who is the owner and operator, whether I had permission to operate, who was first on the bridge at the time of the unfortunate event and operating the carousel, according to which the technical condition of the attraction and the overall installation will be investigated. He is now in the test room and in the office, said, speaking of the Montenegrin police.

Later, the police added that, according to previous surveys, the problem with the attraction was a bird. The police are looking for witnesses, don’t lose the camera records. The mayor of Blica thus stated that if someone has a suitable weapon, he will not take it, and he will provide it to the police investigators.

The Primtor decided to end the celebration

Firefighters were also on the scene. We helped five rescue five injured people. We didn’t have to send anyone out. For example, from under some structure, Jakub Kozk said.

Primtor Havova decided that the city celebration will end today. I can’t imagine that we would have fun and pretend as if nothing had happened. , explained Blic, standing behind his determined stance.

The Multinrov event was to take place in Havov from Friday to Saturday, during Friday famous bands such as No Name, Visac zmek performed. On Saturday evening, Slza and Kabt were to perform, and Lucie Bl. For the children, there was a children’s show and an accompanying program.

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