Gold, silver, bronze. Czech kayakers won all the medals in the SP final

The canoeist Satková was waiting. Indescribable, she cheered after the gold in the World Cup

Prskavec ends this season with gold. “I was perhaps a little disappointed after the World Cup. I know fifth place isn’t bad, but it’s not good either. I wanted it to work out as well as possible. This is a beautiful point and I have to evaluate the season overall positively, because my worst position was just the fifth place. If I continue to do well in the coming years, I will be very satisfied,” concluded the Olympic champion.

Prskavec and Prindis dominate

With his training partner Vít Přindiš, he also holds the overall victory in the SP for five seasons in a row. “In addition, this year we won all the kayaking titles that are available,” added Prskavec. “The others are already starting to pick on us a little bit, that next year it will only be against the Czechs, because Vítek won the world, I won Europe and the world championship, and we are first and second in the ranking. This is something incredible. It’s great that joint training moves us forward,” assesses Prskavec.

“I’m very glad it worked out. It confirms the dominance we have now,” agreed Vít Přindiš, who finished third on Saturday, 0.37 seconds behind the winner, and thus took silver in the overall SP ranking.

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“Great! That’s the maximum I could show,” Přindiš said. “I’m sorry that the ride wasn’t quite as smooth as I’d hoped. However, I rode it well on the hard track. It’s my first bronze medal, I’ve never had one before. So it is a historic success,” he assessed with a smile. “I think the finish couldn’t have been better,” added the world number one competitor.

Fischer is warmed by bronze

Amphibian Tereza Fišerová scored another success in Catalonia, even though she did not succeed in Saturday’s semi-final race. The fifty-thirds penalty pushed her out of medal contention. But other kayakers were also missing, so she could celebrate. “The feelings are amazing. I didn’t expect much, nor did I calculate it. After the semi-final, I thought there was no chance, but it ended up being exactly one point,” explained Fišerová.

The final race was won by the German Ricarda Funková, the Australian star Jessica Fox dominated the series for the fourth time in a row. The second was the British Mallory Franklin.

After the unsuccessful ride in the morning, the Czech went to rest, and when she found out that she was bronze overall, she stayed in the room. “I was watching the broadcast and I didn’t really understand how they were recalculating there. But when it became clear that it was me, and I ran back to the racetrack,” she laughed.

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