Tatra car veterans are among the most unwanted in the Czech Republic

Tatra car veterans are among the most unwanted in the Czech Republic
Tatra car veterans are among the most unwanted in the Czech Republic

Kopřivnice (Novojičínsko) – Tatra car veterans are among the most unwanted in the Czech Republic. For some pieces, the price can reach ten million crowns. Today, around 130 of them went to the traditional Beskydy Rally. Cars headed from Prostřední Bečva to Kopřivnice. ČTK was told by the president of the organizing Veteran Car Club Kopřivnice, Alena Čípová. This year’s race is held in honor of the Czech car racer and six-time winner of the Dakar Rally Karel Loprais, who died last year. In the past, the competitor even completed it personally with his racing special.

130 to 150 historic vehicles and several trucks regularly participate in the Beskydy rally. All exclusively Tatra brand. The oldest of those starting today was the Tatra 11 from 1926. In its time, it was a small car characterized by a simple and durable construction. It was produced by the automobile company Kopřivnická vozovka, later Tatra, between 1923 and 1926. During the three years of production, 3,540 cars of all modifications were produced. “I can’t estimate the price of such a car at all,” said the president.

She added that Tatra vintage cars are the most sought-after and most expensive in our country. Mainly because it is a Czech brand. “The price of more affordable types is in the millions of crowns,” she said. But there are very few cars on the market that would be for sale. “It can happen that one of the owners gets sick and decides to sell the car. This happens exceptionally. Cars are usually kept in the family,” she explained. Sometimes a wagon is also found somewhere in the barn strewn with hay. “Then it can also happen that the car is brought to us from abroad,” she added.

Lovers of Tatra vintage cars can’t let go of their cars. “Tatra doesn’t know a brother,” said Čípová. And she also mentioned another slogan that circulates among owners: Every car wears out once, only the Tatra brand lasts forever. Čípová herself owns a Tatra 603, which her then-future husband gave her for graduation.

The wagons, including the Čípová one, set off today on the track from Prostřední Bečva in Vsetínsk, via Pustevny, Trojanovice, Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Bordovice, Veřovice and Štramberk to Kopřivnice. In Kopřivnice, people will be able to view the vehicles in the parking lot of the Tatra Trucks company behind the tracks near the racing canteen from 11:30 a.m. In the afternoon, he will return to Wallachia.

The organizers dedicated this year’s 53rd year to the memory of Karel Lopraise, a racer who brought many enthusiasts not only of the Tatra brand to the motoring world. The six-time winner of the truck category at the Dakar Rally died at the end of last year. Čípová added that Peter Baliga, who was also among the regular participants of the Beskydy Rally, also died in April. “Together we remember them today. In addition, we will also commemorate the 125th anniversary of the production of the first Tatra Präsident passenger car,” she said.

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