The head of Lukoil died mysteriously: Putin approved his murder?!

Maganov fell out of a window on the sixth floor of a Moscow hospital and died of his injuries after the impact. In this way, verifiably true information about the case could be summarized. However, as the Daily Mail reported, the other circumstances of Maganov’s death are not so clear.

The oligarch left behind no farewell letter and his death was not captured by any of the industry cameras. The Russian Telegram channel General SVR, which regularly publishes insider information about Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin, even stated that someone had previously beaten Maganov in the hospital and then thrown him out of the window.

Lukoil is known to have been one of the few major Russian companies to call for an end to the fighting in Ukraine following Moscow’s invasion. “The reason for his murder may have been a different opinion from that of President Vladimir Putin,” the source said. “Putin not only knew about the assassination plot, but also approved its execution and timing,” the channel described, citing an unnamed official in the Kremlin.

While some people are skeptical of General SVR’s channel, others claim that it is one of the few prominent anti-Putin channels in Russia that provides an insight into what is really going on in the Kremlin.

Putin was at the scene of the suspicious death

Hours after Maganov’s body was found, Russian President Vladimir Putin was in the same hospital. He paid his respects there to the last Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, who died there on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Russian police are questioning hospital staff and say there are no suspicious circumstances behind the death of the influential tycoon. Maganov was one of the longest-serving members of the management of the oil concern founded in November 1991. According to Lukoil, it was he who once came up with the proposal for the company’s name.

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Speculation has abounded regarding the death of Russian tycoon Maganov.

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