More cases of torture and murder of Ukrainians will appear, experts say. Deportations are already underway

More cases of torture and murder of Ukrainians will appear, experts say. Deportations are already underway
More cases of torture and murder of Ukrainians will appear, experts say. Deportations are already underway

One of the largest massacres of the civilian population was committed by the Russian army in the Ukrainian city of Bucha PHOTO: ČTK/AP/Rodrigo Abd

According to Human Rights Watch, the situation in the Russian-occupied territory in Ukraine is dramatic. The occupying forces are deporting some Ukrainians to Russia. The human rights organization is also convinced that Vladimir Putin’s army has violated the law of war. According to some experts on Russia, however, there is a threat of further murders of Ukrainian civilians.

In its 71-page report describing the situation on the Ukrainian battlefield, Human Rights Watch warns against the forcible deportation of citizens of the occupied country to Russia. For example, its officials told people fleeing bombed Mariupol to forget about going to Ukrainian-controlled territory and sent them to infiltration camps. “Of course we would use the opportunity to go to Ukraine if we could, for sure. But we didn’t have a choice, we didn’t have the opportunity to go there,” describes one of the deported women.

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However, Western intelligence services also warn of further Russian atrocities. The occupiers are said to repeat the torture and killing of Ukrainian civilians in the coming months. With this, they want to instill fear in citizens and force them to participate in a fictitious referendum. According to him, it should be shown that the majority of the population of Ukraine wants to be part of “great Russia”, which Vladimir Putin will allow them to do.

However, the Western world would not believe the results of such a referendum. Instead, he organizes additional aid to the attacked country. “Ukraine’s resistance inspired the world and showed tremendous courage in the face of brutality. Now this courageous resistance has halted the Russian advance and demonstrated the determination of the Ukrainian people and armed forces to recapture their sovereign territory,” highlighted British National Security Adviser Stephen Lovegrove.

At the same time, he reminded that the risks associated with the conflict in Ukraine continue, because Putin finds that he cannot proceed according to the plan. “His forces have suffered heavy losses and sanctions continue to degrade his war machine and take money out of the pockets of Russia’s richest people. At the same time, Putin’s country is unsuccessfully trying to impose a semblance of legitimacy on the areas it temporarily controls, including through plans for staged mock referendums. He won’t succeed,” Lovegrove stated. “The UK and our allies will continue to provide humanitarian, economic and military assistance. Our support for Ukraine and its people will not wane,” he added.

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