A house made of containers – a solution to the housing crisis. Easy and without a mortgage

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September 4, 2022
František Zahradníček

The married couple wanted to live on their own land in their own house without an unnecessary mortgage. He wasn’t afraid of a challenge and created something amazing out of old shipping containers.

Although the idea of ​​a debt-free life is attractive to many, most people do not dare to try all the possibilities that life has to offer. Many people believe that housing without a mortgage is not possible, but this married couple easily refutes this hypothesis. Their cozy container house is their dream home.

Conversion of shipping containers to a house

There are many options to consider when building a home. One of them is the reconstruction of shipping containers. Yes, exactly like those used on ships and which you have already seen in many movies. Recently, the Living Big In A Tiny House channel posted a video on YouTube in December 2019 that shows the story of a couple who converted 2 shipping containers into a cozy living space.

In the recording, they explain the construction process and take you through their new home, which they largely built themselves. Although the house is very small, it is really breathtaking and honestly has everything you could possibly need. Nothing is missing in it and the space is used to the last centimeter.

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The hard work finally paid off

Jaimie and David really made the most of the containers, one of which is 12m long and the other 6m. As well as having everything they could possibly need, they managed to create a terrace on top of one container. Since David works as a metal worker for a living, building a house was not as daunting a task as many might think.

However, they sometimes faced many trials while building their dream home, but in the end they managed to achieve everything they wanted. This lovely couple no longer has to worry about a mortgage and he can live on his own property in his own house. The hard work finally paid off and after months of work they finally managed to create something truly unique and beautiful.

If you want to see how the conversion turned out, check out the video below:

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