What does the representative of the strongman Hulk look like today? At seventy, he’s still a six-foot-tall muscular skunk!

Ferringo did not only use his muscles on the screen, but also as a professional bodybuilder. In this industry, he even received the title of Mr. America and is also a two-time holder of the Mr. Universe. Together with Arnold Schwarzenegger, he also appeared in the documentary Pumping Iron about the preparation for the most famous bodybuilding competition Mr. Olympia.

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Although he appeared in a number of other series and films such as Two Queens, Hercules, Sinbad of the Seven Seas and Avengers, the character of the Hulk still accompanies him everywhere he goes. Nevertheless, he is still active as an actor, two years ago he appeared, for example, in the comedy Tenant to Kill and this year in the action film Active Shooter.

Ferringo lost 80 percent of his hearing due to an infection in his early childhood, which he says helped in his determination to pursue his goal and in shaping his character. The actor believes that if it weren’t for his hearing loss, he wouldn’t be where he is.

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Lou married twice. His first marriage to Susan Groff lasted only a year, but he and his second wife, Carla Green, have been together since 1980 and have three children. Daughter Shanna (41) starred, for example, in the TV series So Go Time, son Louis Jr. (38) played in the series SWAT for a change, the youngest son Brent (32) has so far only appeared in the reality show The Incredible Ferringos about their family.

Dagmar Plecháčová , Super.cz

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