Sandra (46): My boyfriend made it possible for me to leave work and just enjoy myself. Unfortunately, it was not a happy decision

I have been in an eight-year marriage that ended in divorce. Even so, I did not resent the love and fell in love again. My current boyfriend Oskar (48) is not like most men. He is an influential and rich man. He allowed me to stop going to work and just enjoy myself. But I soon stopped enjoying it. I would like to go back to work, but my boyfriend doesn’t even want to hear about it.

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I met a rich man

I fondly remember the years with my ex-husband Vlasta. He was a family guy with whom I felt comfortable. We have a son, Jakub (13), whom we alternate custody of. My favorite memory is how I was able to take care of the boys. I was a typical housewife. I didn’t mind cleaning, washing or cooking.

On the contrary. I enjoyed all the household duties that women are often scolded for. It wasn’t too bad when Vlasta grunted over my sirloin and praised me to the heavens. Only today do I know that it was taking care of my family that fulfilled me. It’s a shame that Vlasta messed it up and started cheating on me. Even when given a chance to make amends, he flew away again. So I had no choice but to divorce.

But I continued to believe in love as such. And it paid off. After a few years of solitude, I met Oskar. It’s true that I would never have approached him myself. It was clear at first glance that he came from a different social group than I did. Expensively dressed and hung with gold. He was the one who asked me out at the cafe. He was very attentive and generous to me.

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It envelops me in a luxury I never imagined

When he gave me the first expensive piece of jewelry, I didn’t want to accept it. ,,It is nothing. Just take him,” he urged me. ,,But don’t buy me anything like that again. That must have cost a fortune“, I thanked. But that was just the beginning. When he saw my wardrobe, he decided it needed a change. He bought me countless new expensive clothes.

It took me a while to learn to wear it. After a while, I was forced to change my hairstyle and make-up as well. Oskar assured me that he was only doing it because I simply deserved it. And so I began to take and enjoy the luxury that was offered to me. I went to work like a complete queen. My colleagues couldn’t help but wonder how much I had changed.

And one day, a change came with my work as well. Oskar decided that I shouldn’t go there. ,,I have enough money for both. You don’t have to go there anymore. Now you can just enjoy,” he declared and I naively agreed. And now, a year later, I regret my decision. I have so much free time that I don’t know what to do with it. Most of my friends go to work, so no one has time for me.

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Vašek (40): The new girlfriend likes luxury, but I can no longer pay for her whims

Doing nothing will destroy me

I photographed beauty salons, massage parlors and shops for the first month. Then I stopped enjoying it. So I tried to implement it at home. But Oskar hired a housewife, so I can’t even cook or clean anymore. I sit at home all day and think about what I’m going to do. Jakub is my salvation. When I have him with me, we try to do everything possible.

The way I live is like a rapture. But I’m not happy. I like Oskar and I don’t want to leave him. I just need to create some value and feel needed and useful. I want to go back to work but he doesn’t agree. He doesn’t understand that doing nothing gets on my mind. If I don’t start doing something, I’ll go crazy.

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