White House security adviser: There is no reason to hope for Putin’s willingness to end the war

According to Kirby, the Russian recruitment of new recruits or the purchase of Iranian drones speaks against the hope of an early end to the war, Ukrinform agency quoted from the interview.

The conflict continues only because “Putin wants to continue it, he wants to continue killing Ukrainians, sending troops deep into Ukrainian territory, continuing to try to seize territory in the Donbass, in the east and in the south,” Kirby said.

Putin honored a convicted five-time murderer who died in Ukraine


The war could end immediately if Putin decided so, withdrew his troops and was willing to start negotiations with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Kirby believes. According to the spokesman, the decision to sit down at the negotiating table lies exclusively with these two statesmen.

According to Kirby, Russia will try to hold referendums in the occupied territories during September in order to achieve “some semblance of political legitimacy” for the military actions and “somehow politically compensate for (military) failures.” According to him, from an international point of view, the result of these referendums is not relevant, because they are not recognized by Ukraine, the USA, or the international community.

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