If it weren’t for the yellow flags, it could have been the first row – F1sport.cz

If it weren’t for the yellow flags, it could have been the first row – F1sport.cz
If it weren’t for the yellow flags, it could have been the first row – F1sport.cz

The Mercedes drivers joined Ferrari and Red Bull at Zandvoort and joined the battle for the front row. Hamilton took fourth place with a loss of 306 thousandths.

At the same time, the loss could have been smaller if Hamilton had a chance to complete his last timed attempt. However, Sergio Pérez from Red Bull spun just in front of him in the penultimate corner, which forced the seven-time world champion to abandon his last attempt.

“I think that if we didn’t have yellow flags, we would probably fight for the first row as well. That’s really positive. I hope we pulled the loss to one round. If it’s reflected in race speed as well, it will be great,” said Hamilton.

Although Hamilton believed in winning the front row, he doubted the pole position. At the same time, only 92 thousandths of a second separated the three fastest pilots in qualifying.

“I think that’s very optimistic. They were still too fast. But I think the first row was achievable.’

Hamilton is optimistic about the race, but knows that overtaking is very difficult at Zandvoort.

“I didn’t do a long drive here, George (Russell) did and it looked pretty good. The car was strong today and I felt I could go even faster. I hope it carries over to the race as well. I will definitely try and fight for the podium.”

Russell in the third row

In line behind Hamilton will be his teammate George Russell, who will start from sixth place behind Pérez in fifth. The Brit lost 805 thousandths to Verstappen.

“At circuits like this the track evolves and when we’re losing we felt we had to give it everything, that was our strategy in Budapest as well,” said Russell.

“The track has been developing and if you cross the start line last you will hopefully have the best conditions on the track. In that case, you can be a hero or a zero. And it didn’t work out for us today, but sixth place is nothing terrible for the start and approach to the first corner. And the first rounds will be decisive.

“But I see no reason why we can’t fight for the podium. We understood why we were slow at Spa and why we are faster this weekend. I think with these two races we understood how to make a faster car in 23 races.”

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