The new EKOABECEDA methodical guide for climate will help educators teach about climate change

The new EKOABECEDA methodical guide for climate will help educators teach about climate change
The new EKOABECEDA methodical guide for climate will help educators teach about climate change

With the beginning of the new school year, the educational program Recyklohrání or Let’s Clean Up the World presents a new methodical manual EKOABECEDA for the climate. Educators will find comprehensive information about climate change in it, which they can easily use in teaching. Thanks to financial support from Norwegian funds and the Veolia company, Recyklohrání was able to distribute this 40-page publication free of charge to 2,600 schools that actively cooperate with Recyklohrání at the end of August. In addition, it is available in electronic form on the project website. By the end of October, the handbook will be supplemented with thematic teaching scenarios for 4 age categories – for kindergartens, first and second grades of primary school and secondary school.

ECO ALPHABET for climate has three chapters. The first focuses on understanding the main phenomena such as climate, climate change, global warming and their impact on the environment and people on our planet. The second presents the carbon, ecological and water footprint and recommendations on how each of us, including children, can influence our footprints and thus slow down the progress and mitigate the consequences of climate change. The last third chapter deals with how climate change affects the environment in which we live – i.e. the Czech landscape, agriculture and life in cities.

The goal was to support educators in climate change education

The EKOABECEDA methodical guide provides educators with practical information written in understandable language. “We don’t hide that climate change is a big problem, but we try to be positive. Through teachers, we want to introduce pupils and students not only to the topic itself, but also to encourage them to think about how their behavior affects climate change and try to live more environmentally friendly. We also try to encourage them to engage in critical thinking, to look for opportunities for change at school, in their families, but also in the village or city where they live,” says Jana Čechová from the Recyklohrání program and at the same time expert editor of the new publication.

Teachers from practice also collaborated on the creation

In addition to the texts themselves, the methodological manual is complemented by illustrative diagrams and pictures. Their author is graphic artist Tereza Mikušová. The editor of the new ECOABECEDY for the climate Ing. Jana Čechová was able to rely on cooperation with expert opponents Ing. Kateřina Slavíčková, Ph.D., Ing. Tereziá Pačesová, PhDr. Dagmar Milerová Prášková and Hana Ansorgová. It was also beneficial to cooperate with methodologists – pedagogues from practice, who commented on the concept of the handbook and also collaborate on the creation of teaching scenarios. They will supplement the methodological manual with practical lessons with tasks, experiments, exercises and games.

Autumn will include the inclusion of the new ECOABECEDY in teaching

Recykloharní pays attention to the fact that as many pedagogues as possible can work with the new methodological manual. That is also why it is available for free on the project website – free download. In addition, the implementation team is preparing three educational seminars for teachers in October and November. There, he will familiarize the teacher with the available materials and offer the best way to use the materials. ,,The first seminar will take place in Prague, the remaining two will be located in Moravia. We will come to pedagogues to present the methodologies to them and at the same time get feedback from them,” adds Hana Ansorgová, director of Recyklohrání.

Recyklohrani thanks you for your support

The Ekoabeceda methodical guide for climate and lesson scenarios were created as part of the project of the same name, which runs from September 2021 to June 2023 and is supported by Norwegian funds, which contribute to the protection of the environment of the Czech Republic and positively influence the quality of life of the inhabitants. The aim of the Norwegian funds is to contribute to the reduction of economic and social differences in the European Economic Area and to strengthen cooperation between Norway and the Czech Republic. At the same time, the partner of the Ekoabeceda pro klima project are water companies from the Veolia group.

Eco-alphabets from the Recycling workshop

Recyklohrání has ​​been dealing with the methodical support of educators for a long time. It has already developed the format of thematic manuals supplemented with teaching scenarios and appendices for 7 topics. All are available at They deal with careful water consumption, waste prevention, general environmental education, sorting and recycling of used mobile phones, batteries and electrical appliances.

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