The porcelain on display at the Grandhotel Ambasador left visitors breathless

The porcelain on display at the Grandhotel Ambasador left visitors breathless
The porcelain on display at the Grandhotel Ambasador left visitors breathless

Those who missed the Spring Porcelain Festival in Karlovy Vary did not have to despair. This weekend, there were more events, this time autumn ones.

Porcelain festivities in Karlovy Vary.

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“I didn’t make it to the porcelain festivities in the spring, so when another one was held this weekend, I didn’t hesitate and came to see it with my family. Some of the pieces are really beautiful. I especially like the white set, which is decorated with cherries. My mom, there were only plums. I bought a smaller set, although I would prefer to take everything. It’s beautiful. I also liked the accompanying program of the Jiskra folklore ensemble from Pilsen. The folk songs and dances, including the costumes, were really unique,” said one of the visitors Marie Kajabová.

The organizers came up with a novelty, which was a fundamental change of location closer to the visitors of the center of the spa town. The visitors also liked the spaces in which the festive boards were spread. “The organizers succeeded. But I have to admit that even in previous years they had a good choice of places in the Grandhotel Pupp,” added Kajabová.

People could admire the beautiful porcelain for the first time this year in the premises of the famous Grandhotel Ambassador, which is in the city center. In their words, the organizers went against the visitors. Even the little kids enjoyed it. For families with children, a popular porcelain school and the already mentioned folklore performance were prepared in Zeyerova Street.

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“Years later, I tried gluing prints on porcelain. I used to do it in a porcelain factory. Back then it was quite hard work because we had to meet the standards. Now I enjoy it during the festivities,” laughs Ladislava Fedorová, who together she visited the porcelain school with her grandson. “So-called children also had fun here, which was nice,” she added.

The Autumn Porcelain Festival was held for three days. From Friday, September 2 to Sunday, September 4, thousands of people from all over the world went there. In addition to Czech, German, English, and Russian could be heard. Among the visitors there were also people from faraway India and the Arab world.

Thun 1794 is the largest Czech porcelain manufacturer. The company’s production range includes household porcelain, hotel porcelain, a special cooking program, children’s porcelain and custom products for large international chains. It also produces a specific type of so-called hard porcelain with a firing temperature of 1405°Celsius.

High quality and unique design based on a 220-year tradition of porcelain production in the Czech Republic guarantees customers a high standard. The headquarters of the company is the city of Nová Role near Karlovy Vary, which is called the city of porcelain.

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