Fiala: Even without Nord Stream 1, there is no danger that households and companies will be without energy

4/9/2022 01:55 | BRANDYS NAD LABEM (ČTK)

Even if Russia did not resume supplies of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, it would certainly not mean that households and companies in the Czech Republic would find themselves without gas, Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) said yesterday. On Wednesday, Russia interrupted supplies through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline due to maintenance work, and on Friday, the Russian gas company Gazprom announced that the maintenance showed defects. The operation of the gas pipeline was supposed to resume this morning, the company has not yet announced a new date.

“This just shows how Russia is abusing the situation as it is waging an economic war through energy with the states of the European Union,” said Fiala. He added that the policy of the previous government of Andrej Babiš (ANO) left the Czech Republic completely dependent on Russian energy, and the current government is taking steps to get rid of the dependence as soon as possible. Domestic gas storages are 85 percent full and will help cover the LNG (liquefied natural gas) terminal in the Netherlands for this year’s heating season. According to the prime minister, the gas capacity of the LNG terminal will cover roughly a third of the Czech Republic’s annual consumption.

According to Fiala, no one can now assess whether there are technical reasons for interrupting the operation of the gas pipeline or whether it is a tactic within the framework of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against Europe.


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“How can a man betray a man”,
even with this nostalgia for Prime Minister Fiala’s statement, we can start a small comment about yesterday’s anti-government demonstration in Prague.
Fial’s assessment of the demonstration was swiftly taken over by the pro-Brussels media, e.g. “Die Demonstration auf dem Prager Wenzelsplatz, an der Zehntausende Menschen teilnahmen, wurde von Kräften einberufen, die sich zu prorussischen Haltungen bekennen, den Extremisten nahestehen und gegen tschechische Interessen aufrenten. Das sagte der tschechische Premier Petr Fiala.”

Petr Fiala thus put another interest above the interest of the Czech people – to maintain solidarity with Brussels no matter what it costs. That’s also an opinion.
It would be best if he resigned and someone who will honor the Constitution of the Czech Republic and truly protect the essential interests of Czech households will become the head of the government of the Czech Republic.


Who vaccinates you? We lived like the proverbial pigs in the rye and that won’t be for some time now, what is so strange to understand?


It’s going as I feared. Putin cannot defeat us, but we can defeat ourselves.
With the help of a well-cultivated and long-term fifth column of pro-Russian scumbags.


The demonstration was called by Russophile parties, and in the Kremlin Putin is chasing us with it.


Respecting the Constitution is desirable, but then we should explain what is superior. The Constitution of the Czech Republic or those Brussels products?


Well, if we are a sovereign state, then the Constitution of the Czech Republic.
However, it works differently in the colony!


Jojo. You were at a demonstration and now you’re crying because it sucked.

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