Two good gl are here today, to Pardubice tonk Zohorna

Two good gl are here today, to Pardubice tonk Zohorna
Two good gl are here today, to Pardubice tonk Zohorna

Day hockey is like that. It is difficult to win by six or seven goals. It happens to Obas, but it’s rare. We will be glad that we have great people and we don’t even collect that much (beat pt gl in those saves). let’s smooth out the flow a bit and it will be good, Dynamo’s Tom Zohorna didn’t stress in an interview for the club’s YouTube channel.

In Pardubice’s last game on Thursday, Mlad Boleslav tied the score at 1:1 in the 13th minute, but Stedoei eventually won 2:1 after a penalty.

We didn’t take any time at all. We didn’t stop moving for the first ten minutes and lost a lot of weight. After that it was better, but Boleslav plays a lot together in five, so it was a good save. In Boleslav and at our home, it turned out that it will be very even in the extra league, observed Zohorna.

In the enteria arena, Bruslai won 1:0 and thanks to that, they finally took first place at the Summer Hockey Games. Tet died in Liberec.

We congratulate Boleslav on winning the game, but for us it’s just preparation. So far, we have had six saves, which were of high quality. We’re trying to catch up first and it’s getting dark for the league, kal Zohorna.

Before the watery sharp fight with Kladno, Dynamo bag was also seized by the general. On Thursday from 6 p.m., in Chrudim, the newly created B team will invite.

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