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Lidovky.cz: Recently, the Czech political scene has been dominated by topics related to the war in Ukraine, such as high inflation, the extreme increase in energy prices and problems related to refugees. The presidential elections will take place in the so-called multi-crisis era, when society is also burdened by covid-19, climate change or the fear of nuclear conflict. What type of president would be ideal for such a difficult time?
We need politicians who are capable of agreements for the benefit of the whole. Not parties of self-interest or ideology. Personalities who have the potential to understand problems and find solutions. You are right that we have several interconnected crises to manage. It requires a completely different approach from politicians than they have been showing so far. The key is agreement on the national interest and its joint promotion. At home and abroad, that means forgetting personal interests and prioritizing the needs of the country. The initiator of the union of these various interests can be the president. He is above parties, but not above people. It must not become part of bickering politics, but at the same time, someone cannot hover high above us. When I look for an example from architecture, a bolt comes to mind. The one that makes the individual pillars of the building stand and as a whole it makes sense and serves its purpose.

Lidovky.cz: Why did you decide to run? Do you think other candidates lack these qualities?

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