The carousel accident is being investigated as a negligent endangerment. The culprit is not yet known

The sisters got on a fateful merry-go-round. We could have done worse, they remember

According to the police, the accident happened around 15:15 in the center of Havířov. The attraction, a sort of more extreme version of the carousel called the Rotating Tower, stopped working and responding to the controls. The structure, which raised the seats to a height of about 15 meters, began to unexpectedly and uncontrollably descend to the ground. “At the same time, the suspended seats with the visitors continued to rotate. That’s why people bumped into the railings of fairground attractions and the obstacles standing around,” said the police spokesman.

He added that the operator of the carousel is a fifty-three-year-old man from Prostějovsk. “However, it will continue to be determined who was operating the carousel at the time of the event, whether all persons were properly trained and had permission to operate. How the fairground attraction was installed and secured,” said Černohorský.

Rescuers treated 14 people on the spot. Six of them were children aged seven to 12, eight were adults. All but one were taken to hospitals in Havířov and Ostrava University Hospital. They mostly suffered light or moderate injuries, mainly to their legs and hands. Two patients were seriously injured.

The fall of the carousel during the Havířov festivities interrupted the program of the festivities, Havířov, September 3, 2022

A chain carousel crashed in Havířov. At least 17 people, including children, were injured

Already on Saturday, doctors in Havířov released seven out of nine patients for home treatment.

According to the spokeswoman of the Ostrava University Hospital, Petra Petlachová, doctors there treated seven injured people. Four of them were brought by ambulances from the scene of the accident, three came on their own – one child and two adults. “Three patients now remain under the care of doctors. One adult and two children. Everyone’s health is stable,” she said.

The investigation continues

The police spokesman added that police technicians will continue to work at the site today. Specialists and experts will also be involved in the investigation.

“Havířov police officers and Karvin crime investigators discovered the fact that this large chain carousel should have had technical problems a day earlier, that is, on Friday, September 2, in the afternoon and evening. For this reason, we ask any witnesses or direct participants and visitors of this fairground attraction who have noticed any problems with the carousel to call us at any time on the free emergency line of the Police of the Czech Republic at number 158,” added Černohorský.

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