Foggia is happy about the win today in Misano –

Foggia is happy about the win today in Misano –
Foggia is happy about the win today in Misano –

Today in Misano, Deniz Öncü started from the first position in the race with the weakest cubic capacity. Together with him, Daniel Holgado and Diogo Moreira also started from the front row. The race was scheduled for 23 laps and it was Öncü, who started from the first place, who took the lead after the start.

Nicola Fabio Carraro and Ayumu Sasaki did not get far today, as they fell together in the first round. Sasaki didn’t really want to get up after the accident, but he should be fine eventually. Andrea Migno also fell two laps later.

Sergio Garcia, who came to Misano as the leading man of the championship, did not have a good day today either. Right at the beginning of the race, he drove off the track and shortened the track. Twenty-one laps before the end he had contact with an opponent and a little later he ended up on the ground. After the accident, he drove off again, headed for the pits and then drove off again. And unfortunately, the falls were not over. Mario Aji also fell shortly after Garcia.

Guevara was leading at this stage of the race. The young Spaniard held the lead for several laps. He was then replaced by Dennis Foggia.

With eight laps to go, Sergio Garcia saw the black flag, meaning he was out of the race. The rider was disqualified for irresponsible driving.

A lap later, Guevara briefly returned to the lead, but Foggia soon overtook him again. Masiá was also fighting for first place with them, and Öncü, Holgado and Suzuki were not significantly far behind.

Five laps before the end, Xavier Artigas received a penalty – the driver shortened his lane, for which he earned a pass on a long lap.

Foggia led four rounds before the board, Guevara was second, Masiá third and Öncü fourth. Holgado and Suzuki were no longer in close contact with the leading four. However, Foggia had to be careful about exceeding the track limits as he received a warning.

Foggia was the first to go into the last lap, but the other three riders were in close succession behind him. However, none of them could threaten him. Foggia went on to win. Jaume Masiá finished second. Izan Guevara finished third and thus takes the lead in the championship. Deniz Öncü, who started from pole position and despite a shoulder injury managed to fight for the podium until the end, finished fourth. Daniel Holgado completed the top five.

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Photo: Václav Duška Jr.

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