The government wants to prevent unlimited increases in deposits, the Austrian said

The government wants to prevent unlimited increases in deposits, the Austrian said
The government wants to prevent unlimited increases in deposits, the Austrian said

Prague – According to Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of STAN Vít Rakušan, dependence on Russian gas is not the solution to the energy crisis, which is what the conveners of Saturday’s anti-government demonstration wanted. The Austrian promised that the government would explain its actions better and more simply. For example, the cabinet wants to prevent energy traders from increasing advance payments to customers without restrictions by amending the Energy Act. He stated this on the CNN talk show Prima News.

“The government will not leave people in need, it is doing its best, it will come with targeted help,” said the Austrian. There will definitely be no one whom the government is not able and willing to help. The solution is not to increase dependence on Russian gas through separate agreements, as requested by the organizers of Saturday’s anti-government demonstration, but to separate the price of electricity and gas at the European level.

The leader of the opposition SPD deputies, Radim Fiala, said that the government does not have a solution to the energy crisis. He said that a pan-European solution would not succeed, and even if it did, it would not have a significant effect on prices. According to Fiala, the Green Deal, the EU plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is behind the energy growth. The Austrian disagreed with this, according to him, Russian aggression against Ukraine and the associated restriction of gas supplies to Europe are behind the sharp rise in energy prices. “Without Putin’s war, this crisis in Europe would not have happened, he declared.

The Deputy Prime Minister also stated that he does not disdain the fears of the participants of the demonstration that they will not be able to pay the energy prices and the associated increase in the prices of goods. “I have a problem with those who want to live politically out of fear,” he said. According to the Austrian, the government needs to better explain its actions in the simplest possible way.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) described the calling of the demonstration as part of a pro-Russian disinformation campaign. According to Justice Minister Pavel Blažek (ODS), this statement was addressed to the organizers of the demonstration. “But I don’t believe that the other 69,000 were fanatical Putinists. They were people afraid of the future. Let’s take them seriously,” he said on Twitter.

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