Adviser Zelenskho: In the south, the country’s army is trying to destroy Russian forces

Adviser Zelenskho: In the south, the country’s army is trying to destroy Russian forces
Adviser Zelenskho: In the south, the country’s army is trying to destroy Russian forces

During the counter-offensive, Ukraine will use the strategy of systematic dialogue with (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s army.

Ukrainian units are working to uncover their (Russian) operational logistics system and destroy it with the help of anti-aircraft and (missile) HIMARS, Arestovy said, adding that this tactic should be slower, but there is no stopping it.

According to ISW, the Moscow wolf cannot be portrayed as decisive in Russian affairs, and thus may invite attempts at censorship. Testimony about this question already prominent Russian blogger Semyon Pegov, pe ISW. Russia consistently rejects the term wolf and presents the invasion as a special military operation.

The Russian army continues to struggle with the lack of soldiers, recruiting recruits through state enterprises and prisons. It tries to avoid general mobilization, pe ISW.

In order to fulfill Moscow’s demand, the Russian State Railways wants to persuade 10,000 of its employees to go fight in Ukraine, the Ukrainian General TV reported. According to The Kyiv Independent server, receive contracts for half a year and a promise of a salary of 5,100 dollars (125,500 crowns) per month.

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Russian ambassadors to Ukraine are also suffering from morel and disciplinarian problems. In addition to battle fatigue and high casualties, problems with their pay are likely to be one of the main disadvantages of deployed Russian soldiers, British military intelligence said via the Ministry of Defense’s Twitter account.

I am a soldier in the Russian army with a modest basic salary, to which various fees and rewards are added. In Ukraine, there is a high probability that there have been known problems with the payment of combat fees, British informants said. According to them, this is probably caused by open corruption among commanders and an ineffective military bureaucracy.

According to British intelligence, the Russian army failed to provide the soldiers deployed in Ukraine with basic things, including adequate uniforms, weapons, food parcels and salary. This team certainly contributed to the persistent death of a large number of soldiers, he said on Twitter.

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