Cher (76) had a difficult childhood – She spent a few weeks in an orphanage!

She was born Cherilyn Sarkisian May 20, 1946 in California to a family with Armenian roots. Father John worked as a truck driver, but he was also a lover of gambling and drugs. Mom Georgia (96) had Irish and Native American roots and made a living as an occasional model. However, Cher certainly did not have a happy childhood. Her parents divorced when she was ten months old, her father disappeared and then even ended up in prison. Her mother managed to marry a total of eight times, so Cher was used to men rotating in their household like on a treadmill. Until she was nine years old, she considered actor John Southall to be her father. “He was nice, but when he drank he turned into a wild beast,” Cher recalled in one of the interviews. The family moved often, money was also lacking. Once it even happened that Georgia didn’t even have enough to eat, so Cher ended up in an orphanage. Although she was only there for a few weeks, it was still a very traumatic experience for her. Perhaps also due to the fact that she did not have a harmonious childhood, Cher often ran away from home. “I was very stubborn and still am today. I did some stupid things like run away from home at eleven. I jumped on the train with my friends. I had a very adventurous nature, I was not disobedient,” she explained.

Cher, Sonny and daughter •

Lust for fame
Although Cher was not the best student, suffering from dyslexia, she really excelled in music. Her talent showed up very early. In the fifth grade, she even managed to organize a school performance of the musical Oklahoma. People were dumbfounded by her strong and shrill voice. Still, she didn’t consider herself very talented. In addition, she was troubled by her appearance. “I wanted to be famous as a child. But I didn’t think I could be a dancer or a singer. Because the whole world loved blondes with soft voices, and I wasn’t that one,” she admitted. But when she was sixteen, she set out to pursue her dream. She ran away from her mother and moved to Los Angeles. And she found someone to help her on her way to the top. She started working in 1962 as a housekeeper for the American singer and producer Sonny Bono (†62), whom she soon fell in love with and married in 1964. She already started her professional career as a singer. With Sonny, they formed the singing duo Caesar & Cleo, which they later renamed Sonny & Cher. The love song I Got You Babe shot them to the top of the charts. Fans adored them and Cher became an icon. By the end of 1967, 40 million of their albums had been sold worldwide. In addition, they also had their own show on TV, for which Cher even won a Golden Globe. In the 1970s, she also appeared on the cover of the prestigious fashion magazine Vogue. In 1969, the famous couple had a daughter, Chastity (53), but before the baby girl was born, Cher miscarried four times.

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