Prague 1 will present Honorary Citizenship and Prague 1 Awards

Prague 1 will present Honorary Citizenship and Prague 1 Awards
Prague 1 will present Honorary Citizenship and Prague 1 Awards

On Monday, September 5, Prague 1 invites you to the beautiful premises of the Old Town Hall, where a festive evening will take place in the Brožík Hall from 4 p.m. Here the honorary citizenship of Prague 1 will be taken over by prof. MD Luboš Petruzelka, CSc., The Prague 1 Prize will be awarded this year to Jiří Dědeček, Petr Sís and Jan Šibík.

The award will be presented by the mayor of Prague 1 Petr Hejma, 1st deputy mayor Petr Burgr and deputy mayor Eva Špačková. Entry is free.

Prof. MD Luboš Petruzelka, CSc., is the head of the Oncology Clinic of the General University Hospital and the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague. This world-renowned oncologist has devoted more than forty years of his practice to patients, which he has dedicated to clinical oncology and radiotherapy. For his work, he was awarded the First Class Medal of Merit, and he is also a co-founder of the Central European initiative organizing the prestigious Central European Lung Cancer Conference and an actively publishing author of many professional articles, studies and books.

Jiří Dedeček, a resident of Malá Strana, singer-songwriter, writer, publisher, poet and translator, studied librarianship and scientific information at the Faculty of Arts, UK, as well as screenwriting and dramaturgy at FAMU. He is not only the author, but also the publisher of many song lyrics, prose and books for children and adults. In 2006 he became the chairman of the Czech Center of the International PEN Club and in 2011 the chairman of the jury of the Magnesia Litera competition.

Petr Sis, a world-renowned graphic artist, illustrator, author of books and film maker, a graduate of the VŠUP in Prague and The Royal College of Art in London, grew up in Malá Strana, and although he permanently resides in the USA, he alternately lives here as well. In addition to illustrations for various periodicals, such as the New York Times, he publishes books. He is the author of twenty-seven children’s books and illustrated approximately sixty books for children and young people. He made many animated films, painted or created movie posters. You can come across his mosaics in the New York subway and you can admire tapestries at the airports in Cape Town, Dublin and Prague. He is the recipient of many awards around the world.

Jan Šibík, photographer, winner of the World Press Photo award, is connected to Prague 1 not only because he lives and works here, but also because of his courage. Among other things, he completely documented the revolutionary year 1989. His well-known photographs convey to the viewer the tense atmosphere of the demonstrations that took place on the territory of Prague 1 at that time. Jan Šibík regularly goes to dangerous areas all over the world, where he documents life and local events. He publishes his photographic publications, the latest of which is entitled Deset let, and as the name suggests, it provides a summary of ten years of work as a reportage photographer.

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