Satellite internet from SpaceX has become significantly cheaper in Europe. The cheapest in Poland and the US

The building of the satellite Internet constellation of Elon Musk’s company SpaceX has gained momentum this year. The Falcon 9 rocket with another payload, this time 51 Starlink satellites, should launch from the SLC-40 complex of the Kennedy Space Center to Florida this evening local time. This year, it will be about 25 launched satellites. For comparison, over the entire six-year period, SpaceX carried out only 18 similar missions. The 3,000 Starlink Internet satellites will soon be circling above our heads every day. This means only a fraction of the total sweat. It will take you 1,400 Starlinks to complete just the first phase of the constellation.

The number of users of the satellite Internet from the company SpaceX was supposed to reach half a million every day in June. My company has revenues in the tens of millions of dollars. there are new orders and quite a lot of disputes, but even then the service will remain in comparison with the available internet along the highway. It only makes sense for users in cities with inaccessible internet, then for travelers to remote cities without internet. The daily discount is not only cosmetic, in some locations it is 50 percent. So a certain pill gave a new order.

The monthly fee for using the Internet at a fixed address in our country was set by SpaceX at 2,579 K (including VAT). The company’s new website presents a price of 1,400 K, i.e. 46% cheaper. Jet ni price is offered by a dealer in neighboring Poland, where the fee has dropped to 230 zlotys. So about 1200K. For example, the price in Germany, on the other hand, fell by only about a fifth to EUR 80 (1,970 K) and in cheaper Italy to EUR 70.

The hardware price also shows the relatively different price policy of the company in individual countries. Our price tags will change every day this year. Originally 13 thousand K as necessary Starlink Kit the price went up to K 15,600 in March, only to drop to K 14,300 in May. Now it can be purchased here for only 9,100 K, which is the lowest price in Europe. Extra day is completely free. Equally, a non-negligible half, which recently even raised 2,000. K. For comparative purposes, it will be published in neighboring Poland Starlink Kit in pepot for about 12,000 K (PLN 2,300), in Germany it is a hundred percent cheaper, or to 460 EUR.

It is interesting that, in addition to Europe, the discount also affected the area of ​​South America, but not the home of the United States. Here, in May of this year, the company even raised the monthly fee from the original 99 USD to $110 then by 20% Starlink Kit for $599.

Internet for caravans, or travelers

Mobile internet from SpaceX, which can be used relatively anywhere reduced from 3,259 K to 1,700 K at ns. According to the company, this marked RV internet can be suspended at any time (for a period of time), i.e. the reduced monthly fee can only be paid during the period of use. And the price for the Starlink Kit dropped to 9,100 K, when SpaceX, according to its basic satellite Internet offer, offered it with the same shape antenna, or modern hardware version.

Starlink Maritime

In addition to the two offers of expensive satellite Internet for companies (more here), SpaceX has started offering internet for ships. Potat is you with msnm fee of $5,000 without taxes, i.e. in current value about 123 thousand. TO. In addition to the investment in hardware, it will cost more than a quarter of a million crowns, or $10,000. Compared to the standard, antennas are needed that are twice as strong and thus more resistant. Due to the fact that satellite internet is not yet built, it can only be used in some of the five regions. A significant difference in availability should occur in the 4th quarter, then in the fifth year.

SpaceX is expanding its satellite internet business towards airlines. By the end of the year, it may already be available on board planes from two yet unspecified companies. And the announcement of cooperation with the American T-Mobile may in the future also include the possibility of using SpaceX’s satellite Internet when sending SMS from mobile phones in areas without a good signal.

In any case, with the majority of users of satellite Internet from SpaceX, its availability will be a problem, especially in certain areas during times of high service usage. The company itself with fixed satellite Internet udv
upload speed 50-250 Mbs, but also known as a wide speed range of 5-100 Mbs. Some users then rely on an often practically non-functioning data flow on internet speeds. However, SpaceX first mentions in the detailed conditions for users: Indicated speeds and uninterrupted use of the Service are not guaranteed. Actual speeds will likely not be maximum speeds during peak hours.

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