Olga: My daughter told me: “Mom, I don’t want a blind mom like you”

She didn’t shout when she was being raised. She tried to make her daughter feel respect for her. “I had it set up so that I warned her several times. And if she did something inappropriate anyway – for example, she spilled all the CDs on purpose, then she already got over her hand. And she didn’t do it anymore.’

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How did the daughter look at that? Was she grinning? Was she sticking her tongue out? Olga did not see that. “I didn’t see her expression, so even she knew it wasn’t worth doing anyway. She knew I would get my way. Even if she pointed something at me, I still wouldn’t have seen it, so voice communication worked for us,” describes Olga, who lives with her daughter in Hostivař.

Moms were running from the playground

Olga is very open, so I am not afraid to bring up the topic of possible embarrassment to my daughter. “Yes, she was ashamed of me,” he admits.

“We both suffered from it since childhood. It was already evident when entering kindergarten. Lucka also wanted to sleep with her classmates, but the parents of the other children avoided me. How many times have I come to the playground with my daughter and within fifteen minutes it was empty… But the worst moment came at the end of kindergarten, when Lucka was lying in bed with me and said to me: “Mom, I have to tell you… I don’t want a blind mom like you , I want someone to ride my bike with, on trips…”

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That hurt… When Lucka was describing to her mother how the children in kindergarten laughed at her and that she had no one to play with, Olga couldn’t take it anymore. She went to kindergarten, where she was given the opportunity to explain to the children that her daughter had a happy childhood. And that he plays on the playground like any other child…

The daughter did not inherit the visual defect

Thirteen-year-old daughter Lucka did not inherit the visual defect. “I have retinopathy, her father amblyopia. Fortunately, Lucka is a healthy girl.” And Olga could have been healthy too. If she had been born a few years later…

“In the 70s and 80s, premature babies were put in incubators. Many people suffered permanent eye damage at the time. And unfortunately, that was also my case.”

With an assistant to the doctor and to the office

Due to her handicap, Olga is accompanied by assistants when she goes to doctors or offices. And today, she cannot imagine her life without the non-profit organization Okamžik, which enables her to provide this service.

“I don’t even know who took me there back then around 2000… But I’m grateful for it, because Okamžik is an organization that offers services that are charged for elsewhere. That way, I got to places for free that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to get to without an escort.”


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Olga describes that many organizations focus on people with visual disabilities. But Okamžik has added value for her in that it helps, among other things, healthy children whose parents have vision problems.

“University students assist children. It’s a wonderful homework help that we don’t see.”

The art of making quick decisions

If it weren’t for the visual handicap, their lives would look completely different. However, Olga realizes that her handicap has strengthened Luka in many ways. And he prepared for life better than many of her peers.

“Lucka is extremely socially developed. From early childhood, she had to learn to make quick decisions not only for herself, but also for me. She is extremely self-sufficient. And how did the disease affect me? I learned from it that I must never give up.’

The moment in a nutshell:
The Moment supports visually impaired people on their journey to a more independent and active life.
It organizes 140 volunteers who accompany blind people to the doctor, to offices or shopping, or provide long-term visual assistance to the blind at home, during sports, cultural activities or reading.
The non-profit organization organizes leisure activities for the blind, provides them with advice and individual support. Last but not least, it offers help to blind parents in the education and development of their children.
The organization’s annual budget is 5.5 million crowns.

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