Play a Ukrainian killed. Dvka from Mariupol describes her stay in Moscow

Play a Ukrainian killed. Dvka from Mariupol describes her stay in Moscow
Play a Ukrainian killed. Dvka from Mariupol describes her stay in Moscow

Russia was not the first destination Domini’s family wanted to go to. She wanted to get to the free Ukrainian land, but the fighting made it difficult. Domina’s brother was wounded and could not be rescued in Mariupol due to lack of medicine. The family therefore went to Donsk, where they were captured by a separatist gang and sent to Russia.

In Moscow, there were tboe zmen for refugee women in Soviet children’s schools. Everything was ountl, describes tbor Dominika’s mother Viktoria. There was one shared bathroom for the entire floor, adv.

Dominika told Rdia Svobodn Evropa he gave details of his stay in Moscow. He ironically names the Saturday pass by the schoolgirl as the first deprivation, she was taught mathematics and the Russian language. Russian children also went to the dream classes, for which the camp was originally built.

The boy said to me: Russians, don’t kill the children, tell Dominika about her experience with her comrades. To the question, why is his brother injured, the Russian boy had a quick answer: But he is not dead, is he? It is clear from the young woman’s murder that the age left her speechless.

V, eu, aren’t you Ukrainian? You are Russian, the other children shouted, pointing out that Mariupol had fallen into Russian hands. It’s occupied, but that doesn’t mean I’m Russian. I was born in Mariupol, Ukraine, so I’m Ukrainian, she said.

Depreciation plant of Ukraine

He describes the boys who played with Lego figures. This is a Ukrainian soldier and this is a Russian, they said, but then the Russian doll covered the Ukrainian one.

In another case, one k drew the flag of Russia and next to it the flag of Ukraine with a heart between them. But another student said that Russia is good and Ukraine is bad, and he smeared the Ukrainian flag.

When we had music class, we were told to learn the Russian national anthem. This is the country that turned the wolf, bombed our cities and ruined life there, Dominika betrays.

They killed my pets, with tears in their eyes. I had a dog that was a month old when the wolf started. I imagined how I would go for a walk with him. The wolf also peppered her with coke.

According to Dominika, there was a lot of talk about the Soviet leaders Lenin and Stalin. they were also often eaten by children from Ukraine, who drank two from the Donka town of Horlivka in their cola. And originally from Ukraine, they despised their homeland. And the same to Dominic, for his cause.

Zombification dt

The children were very zombified, Dominika’s mother testifies. They had teachers who, for example, told them that Ukrainian planes were dropping toys that had bombs hidden in them and that were intended for children to pick up and throw away.

The Ukrainian officer was repeatedly observed on the trips of Ukrainian children from Mariupol to Russia. Russia’s Krasnodarsk Regional Agency for Family and Children published incentives for the adoption of Ukrainian children by Russian families on its website. He later claimed that the material was actually a hacker.

According to Ukrainians, Rusov is trying to commit the genocide of the Ukrainian people and that he is forcing families in the occupied countries to send their children to schools administered by them. They want the teachers to train according to the Russian curriculum, telling them that Ukraine is to blame for unleashing the wolves.

Victoria decided to leave Russia with her children. ly to Blorusk, from where it reached Poland. Now they are in Lviv, Ukraine. I didn’t want your country, which ruined my life and took away from me. Her husband stayed in Russia. Sad darkness, k resigned.

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