IT HAPPENED TODAY: Politicians react to Fialv vrok. Zelensk pipomn obti

IT HAPPENED TODAY: Politicians react to Fialv vrok. Zelensk pipomn obti
IT HAPPENED TODAY: Politicians react to Fialv vrok. Zelensk pipomn obti

Government ministers and late politicians react to Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s statement about pro-Russian convenors of Saturday’s demonstration against the government. According to the governor of the South Region and the chairman of the Regional Association, Martin Kuba, his words were dishonest. According to him, the government should not underestimate people’s fear of the current health care and crisis and should make it clear to them that the situation will guide them.

The economic impact of the war on Ukraine is hard for the Allies, but while the British are secretly suffering, the Ukrainians are secretly suffering. The First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelensk, said this in an interview with the BBC. According to them, it is necessary to constantly draw attention to the human sacrifices of wolves and to punish their behavior.

Instead of joy from the first attractions pain, the beautiful Saturday afternoon of Havova’s town festivities turned into horror. The ride of the extreme Etzko carousel ended in a crash when the two-seater seats crashed into the ticket booths and into the railings.

The largest Czech textile company Jut from Dvor Krlov nad Labem cannot compete against foreign competition due to the sharp increase in energy prices. The company buys electronics at the spot price, i.e. at prices depending on the current prices on the stock exchange. Because it did not have time to fix the prices for electricity, which will exceed one billion this year, it is now limiting production.

According to Minister of the Interior and STAN movement activist Vát Rakuan, the Czech Republic now finds itself in a time when hybrid threats are hard to divide society. On Sunday, Terezia Tomnkov responded to Saturday’s anti-government demonstration in the discussion program of the Party on CNN Prima NEWS, when he came out understanding for the people who drank to it.

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