There were also arguments. An accident ended the festivities, some of the visitors did not understand

Practically a few tens of minutes after the accident in which several people were injured on the chain carousel, the mayor of Havířov, Josef Bělica, announced the immediate end of the festivities. Those who were looking forward to a concert by Lucie Bílá or the group Kabát, suddenly stood helplessly absorbing the information. And that there were not a few of them.

The fall of the carousel during the Havířov festivities interrupted the program of the event, Havířov, September 3, 2022.

| Photo: Michal Polák – eMPe photo

For example, friends Pavla, Věra and Veronika came all the way from Kopřivnice to the Havířovské festivities. “We are disappointed, but what can be done. But it goes without saying that we cannot rejoice here when others are injured in the hospital,” says Pavla.

When the news about the end of the festivities spread among the people waiting before entering the area, they quickly called their friends who were just heading to Havířov to meet them. “They even came from Germany. Not directly at the festivities, but they are here to see their family and so they wanted to go to a concert. Well, there’s nothing we can do,” said the woman.

The investigation into the carousel accident continues. The stars of the festivities expressed their support

Vladimír, looking rocker, drinks beer from a cup and watches the commotion that takes place in the parking lot where the carousel stands and the exit from the complex. “Well, it’s bad luck. We were looking forward to the Coats, but of course in this situation I’m not surprised that they ended the festivities. That’s understandable,” he says. His friend Magda says that now everyone should think about the injured, so that they recover as quickly as possible.

Arguing and shouting

But not everyone was so understanding. “Hey, dude, I gotta go get drunk somewhere. They normally canceled it,” shouted a forty-year-old man on the phone, informing an acquaintance about what had happened. The people at the mobile ticket offices, who exchanged tickets for people’s wristbands, also had to endure abuse.

“I do not care. It happened here, but the music is over there. Why can’t it be?” shouted a young man of about twenty-five from the crowd.

On the afternoon of Saturday 3 September 2022, there was a carousel accident at the Havířovské festivities. Sisters Shanti and Sophie, who were on the carousel at the time of the accident

The sisters got on a fateful merry-go-round. We could have done worse, they remember

People who already had wristbands also asked organizers if anyone would refund them when the city canceled the festivities. Sometimes there were arguments and shouting, but everything was explained in the end. Mayor Josef Bělica told journalists that the city will return the money to the people, that within a few days they will contact the public via social networks and local television and confirm this information.

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