A plane with four people on board crashed into the Baltic Sea. There were already problems over France

A plane with four people on board crashed into the Baltic Sea. It should be an aircraft of the American manufacturer Cessna. According to available information, it was supposed to take off in southern Spain, the landing was planned in Cologne. For example, the newspaper Bild informs about this.

The plane with four people on board reported problems with the pressure in the cabin already after take-off. Shortly after flying over the Iberian Peninsula, contact with the plane was lost. Spanish and French fighters took off to check the situation in the private plane, in the cockpit and in the cabin, but the fighter pilots could not recognize any persons. According to information from Bild, there should be a pilot, a man, a woman and their daughter on board.

The fighter also took off from Rostock, Germany, but even it failed to find out what was happening on board the plane. She escorted the plane over the island of Rüjána, after which a Danish fighter took over the escort. The fighter pilots then witnessed the plane start to sink in the sea near Latvia. The Swedish Coast Guard sent boats and a helicopter to the scene.

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