The fighters near the Baltic took off because of the “ghost plane”. It eventually crashed into the sea

The Cessna 551, Austrian registration OE-FGR, was flying from Jerez in southern Spain, from where it took off at 14:56 CEST “without a fixed destination”, writes Reuters with reference to FlightRadar24.

The plane turned around twice, near Paris and Cologne, before heading directly over the Baltic Sea without responding to calls.

“NATO fighter jets took off from a base in Estonia to track the plane,” a spokesman for the Lithuanian Air Force told Reuters.

At 19:37, the radars recorded a rapid decrease in the speed and altitude of the machine. “We have learned that the plane crashed (in the sea) northwest of the Latvian city of Ventspils,” said a spokesman for the Swedish rescue service. “After that it went off the radar,” he added.

The Swedish rescue service said no one was visible in the cockpit of the Cessna.

According to an informed source Novinek, German and Danish fighter jets initially took off for the plane, which did not report, but their pilots saw only lifeless bodies in the cockpit. No response or reaction. They flew with them until the plane ran out of fuel over the sea and crashed.

A dash cam captured the plane crash on the highway. The pilot drove himself to the hospital


According to initial information, four people should have been on board the plane. Latvia should take care of the rescue work. A helicopter and also a plane flew to the scene from Sweden. Other components headed there from Latvia.

The American Cessna 551 Citation II aircraft type is a twin-engine jet low-wing aircraft of the business jet category.

The article is in Czech

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