Austrian: I do not despise the people at the demonstration. The nervousness is huge

“The nervousness in society is huge, I will not despise and label people who gather for a demonstration. There’s Putin’s expensiveness and war. I consider that to be completely natural,” he declared on Prima.

And he added that he perceives the atmosphere between people very well. “I’m a person who grew up in an apartment building and had neighbors,” he explained.

The Austrian also told people in the program that there will be no one whom the government is unable or unwilling to help. “The government is doing its best. The solution is not to bow to Russia, that is what is dragging us down. I don’t want to live in a country where Putin decides to cut off gas and people have nothing to heat,” he said.

On Wenceslas Square, 70,000 protesters demanded the resignation of the government


The Minister of the Interior then also said that due to the crisis, the cabinet wants to adopt an amendment to the Energy Act. This should prevent energy traders from being able to increase advance payments to customers without limitation.

At Prima, the Austrian debated with Radim Fiala, head of the SPD parliamentary club. He blamed the government for its handling of the current crisis. According to him, the cabinet does little.

“If you don’t do anything, Mr. Minister, there will be half a million people (at the demonstrations) in no time. There are 300,000 pensioners and one and a half million people from young families on the poverty line,” said Fiala in the discussion program.

Blažek: We take the protesters seriously

Other politicians also commented on Saturday’s demonstration on social networks. Minister of Justice Pavel Blažek (ODS), for example, stated that a year ago a thousand people would have come to a similar event.

“You came today too. But I do not believe that the other 69 thousand were fanatical Putinists. They were people worried about the future. Let’s take them seriously. I really don’t want to be right in my prediction from the House,” he wrote on the social network.

He previously stated in the lower house that if the government does not solve the crisis, he will not be here for long. According to him, the entire political system in the Czech Republic is also threatened.

On Saturday, people at an anti-government demonstration on Wenceslas Square wanted the immediate resignation of the coalition cabinet of Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) and the calling of new parliamentary elections. The police estimated that around 70,000 people gathered for the protest.

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